“We just don’t want her anymore” – reason for surrendering cat

It’s takes a low-down person to surrender their cat saying “we just don’t want her anymore.” That’s what a cat owner did last week at a North Carolina shelter (writes Elisa Black-Taylor for Examiner.com)

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People who surrender their cat at an animal shelter should be asked standard questions and the answers logged onto a database. Perhaps it already happens at some shelters. We need detailed information on the reasons for surrendering cats. In this instance, the cat is a one-eyed black tortoiseshell. She must be female. Her name is Little Jo.

She was surrendered to a North Carolina, USA animal shelter, Cabarrus County Animal Control, and has until 13th May to be adopted otherwise she’ll be euthanised. This is a story which is repeated over and over again in the USA and Europe.

At least this ‘low down person’ was honest when giving her/his reason for surrendering. It is revealing though. I would not have the gall to enter a shelter and give that as a reason.

The words used are very similar to the sort of words that might be used when buying a new car or fridge. It gets a bit old and beat up so let’s change it. I don’t want a beat up car (cat) anymore. I want a nice new one.

The attitude of this person has not changed over the time she has looked after this cat. At the start of the relationship she was not committed to being a cat guardian for the lifetime of the cat. Little Jo is 2 years old. We have to describe this episode of cat ownership a failure if the owner gives up in under 2 years.

A total commitment to caring for the entire lifetime, come what may, is obligatory I feel. Of course some events will break that personal promise such as becoming very ill but even then the person can make alternative arrangements which are far better than surrendering to a shelter were death is never far away. It is a cop out. It is convenient.

Looking after a cat is not meant to be convenient. It is great but there will be some hard times and some expense.

For the sake of completeness, Little Jo is spayed and visitors can contact this email address to make arrangements for adoption: Jenkins.marleen@gmail.com

Source: Reason to surrender beautiful young cat in NC

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