We Must Learn to Respect Animals

We Must Learn to Respect Animals

by Nicki Fox
(Western Autralia, Perth)

Our huge pet shop in W.A Perth has been burnt down and robbed. It was disgusting to watch on the news.

This happened early this year. My heart pours out to all the beautiful animals that got burnt to death. Two pathetic bogans broke in to rob the place and lit the shop up.

Our famous talking parrot gone; fish that boiled to death in their tanks; puppys, kittens, lambs turtles and the list goes on around 300 animals dead.

Now I don’t know if the parasites that did this ever got caught but heaps of us were so shocked.

Isn’t it enough that these lowlifes robbed the poor owner? Did they have to kill all those gorgeous animals that so many of us loved.

The owner collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital when this happened. I hope they did get caught and if so I hope that they get flogged every day in jail and get forced to be someones bitch u scum buckets from hell and that they end up catching aids in jail and suffer for the remaining days of their useless lives.

I am so sick of hearing about so much cruelty in my country towards animals. It’s not just America that has this problem. Even in ITALY not long ago the animal welfare stepped in because Italians where killing over 60 thousand cats a year because of there mumbo jumbo old wives tales that black cats are evil.

Grow a brain – do you not know who is the worst creature on this planet? Yes its the human being. Human beings start wars for nothing because people can not get along. People murder because of hate and other pathetic reasons and it goes on and on.

When an animal kills it is because it is hungry or hunted down and it turns on the hunter etc..

So WAKE UP to yourselves. This planet originally belonged to the animal kingdom they were the first ones here so show some RESPECT towards them.

(This message goes out to any monster that hates or hurts kills etc. animals for any reason even HUNTING is MURDER!)

WRITTEN by Nicki Fox the animal lover especially CATS and REPTILES:)

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We Must Learn to Respect Animals

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Jul 02, 2011 Hi Ruth:)
by: Nicki Fox

Yes ruth l believe that to mate if the human race continues they way it is they will become extinct and u know what so be it if it happens cause how many centuries does it have to take for the human race to wake up to them selves and lm talking about selfish self centered ect ones not like us hon l mean lm not saying lm perfect there is no such thing but l do try love to make a difference and l do have a concience even though my family didnt and they where very cold blooded but my mother was very kind to animals thats the only difference other wise she was as cold as ice same with my dad and bro but l made sure and made a promise to myself that l would never become like them l am the opposite and if l can do it others out there can as well love its not really that hard just think more before ur actions and open up ur heart and use it the right way the way we are all spose to use it but unfortunatly there are very strange bizarre people out there that sometimes dont make sense to me l dont get it how can someone be so happy at the destruction of another lm the opposite in my house lm very happy when everyone else is healthy and happy and when l can help someone its better than winning a million dollars for me l feel overwealmed l cant explain it unless others feel this anyway ruth l will write to u later ok as lm having dinner with the family now take care mate…cheers…:)

Jul 02, 2011 That is dreadful !
by: Ruth

You are right to be so angry at the scumbags who burned the pet shop and all those living creatures in it.
It doesn’t bear thinking about their fear and pain yet I bet the ones who did it ran away laughing and pleased with their ‘work’
People like that have no feelings nor conscience and are a danger to society and I too hope they were caught and are suffering themselves.
Human beings are supposed to be humane but quite a lot are not and quite a lot turn a blind eye to the abuse and suffering of animals, leaving only those of us who really care and really feel the helplessness and pain of their victims, to try to make a difference.
I’ve tried all my adult life but it’s a losing battle, people still think they are superior to animals and ‘own’ them, to use and abuse them, to eat them, to experiment on them, to adapt them etc……
I think the human race will wipe itself out one day because of its ego and greed and selfishness and the earth will return to the animals and Nature will take far better care of them than people ever could !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment written by visitors. It is a way visitors can contribute to animal welfare without much effort and no financial cost. Please comment. It helps this website too which at heart is about cat welfare.

Jul 01, 2011 Thanx michael:)
by: Nicki Fox

Thankyou for understanding l sometimes wonder if the human race will ever change for the better mate there are so many out there that are selfish and are only interested in number one them selves and then they blame there upbringing my upbringing was SHOCKING mate everyday through out my childhood l lived in fear and l was very depressed as a child constantly thinking l wish l was never born but these days lm glad l was cause l would have never had the chance to experiance the love and affection and other unreal experiances lve had with animals lm 100% sure that animals can feel if a person has had it hard in life as so many animals just take to me straight away and its very sad that these selfish people will never experiance the wonders of the animal kingdom and insects as well as they are very interesting to watch and l love butterflys lady beetles actually all bettles and worms snails and heaps of others but l am careful with spiders as we have a high spider bite problem in australia as we have so many of them l even love crocodiles mate they are beautiful and date back to the prehistoric days every creature deserves a chance on this planet but like u said people seem to think that this is there planet only and they can do what ever they please most people believe that they are a god they seem to forget that pigs are our closest cousins and that we share a high DNA with the chimp ld really like to know who made the name up human being as animals are more entitled to have this name than heaps of people out there anyway lm glad u enjoyed my letter about our pet shop as it still haunts me that those poor beautiful animals had to die that way ….cheers mate…..

Jul 01, 2011 Agreed
by: Michael

Hi Nicki..thanks for contributing. I agree with you. People must learn to respect animals. We are all on the planet together.

Unfortunately the majority of people think that they own the planet and can do what they like with it, all at the expense of animals.

Many species are threatened with extinction in the wild because of the activities of the dreaded human.

I find it very depressing.

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