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We Need to Be Tougher on the Chinese Who Are Poisoning Our Pets — 9 Comments

  1. http://petfoodrecall.org/tag/nutro/page/3/

    Nutro wet cat food was contaminated back in 2006-2007 and it was linked to China. It killed my Ms. Kittie,13 years old. The recalls came too late for many. We like to believe we are doing our companions a favor by feeding expensive pet food,but without proper regulation,they are going to become victims. And you can’t always make it to the vet in time. The symptoms hit suddenly and progressed quickly. The laws need to change,the animals deserve better.

  2. This is terrible_ but according to the dogfoodaadvisor.com Jerky treats made in China have a toxic ingredient derived from the ‘Jatropha’
    it is a hearty shrub that can be grown in semi-tropical and tropical areas throughout the world.
    Due to its high oil content and relatively low cost, the plant has recently become an attractive source material for making biodiesel.
    Unfortunately, though, unlike other more benign materials used to make biofuels, jatropha may contain unwelcome toxic by-products like phorbol esters.

    These compounds exhibit acute and chronic toxicity to humans and animals alike. What’s worse, the actual toxic substances can be found in the glycerin and protein by-products.

    Take them back to the store you got them from. and report complaints to:


    • Many thanks Eva. Your comment is the first time I have read about the reason why these “treats” are poisonous. The Chinese have a habit of reducing costs of production to the point where the product becomes toxic. You may remember the baby milk scandal in which many babies were either badly injured or killed by some toxic substance (I think it was melamine) in milk to bulk to bulk it up cheaply. Disgusting behavior. Their mentality of corruption is why they do these criminally negligent things.

  3. I’m just wondering what the exact ingredient in them treats is that’s killing them dogs.
    I’ve heard of dangerous counterfeit meds being sold by 1-800 P**M***, but this is the first time I’ve heard of dangerous treats.

    • Eva has commented on this, Kevin. The Chinese mentality is to cut costs to the point where the product becomes poisonous. They put in cheap crap to bulk it up and this crap is inedible and toxic. The USA government has failed to stop importation of these treats according to Susan Thixton or failed to prosecute the suppliers in the USA and take vigorous steps to end this tragedy. I feel as you can tell by the article that the US and UK authorities don’t want to upset the Chinese because we need their investment etc.. And it’s only pets dying. That’s the politician’s mentality. It’s time the West forced China to change their mentality on animal welfare.

  4. It is important to read package information for such items. In order to protect our animals we must do this ourselves bc obviously our Government does not nor do the major pet store chains that sell the items. To them it’s all about the almighty buck $$… greed.

    If you live in the USA make sure the products specifically state they are made in the USA. Many labels will say _distributed_ by a USA company and show a US based address however that does mean the product was *made* in the US.

    • Good advice Debra. For me the motto is: Never buy pet food manufactured in China or any product with Chinese supplied ingredients. Their record on pet food is appalling as far as I am concerned. They don’t regulate manufacturing closely enough or at all and they have a corrupt attitude to animal welfare. That’s my opinion. If I am being too harsh I don’t care 🙂 I am tired of reading about pets being killed by dodgy Chinese pet food.

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