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We need to formulate a method to prevent poor feline oral health — 8 Comments

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  4. I have found it’s important not to get fixated on brushing each tooth but rather getting that enzyme toothpaste into their mouth. My cats have a sanos sealant put on after cleaning.
    I question any statistic coming out of Banfield. That is a for profit assembly line type of vet care.
    You can reduce the cost of the cleaning by timing routine blood work for a yearly exam with a dental cleaning if necessary. At six Mook barely had any buildup. Her food of choice. Small pellet dry food. I would have to wonder the effect of high carb cheap cat foods on an indoor cat that has no hunting opportunities.

  5. Yes, when I am in a financial position to aid a cat’s dental problem, it has gotten worse over time and demands more than just cleaning (which is expensive enough). I’ve tried brushing and gels washes and food and water additives… but the sticky food is constantly there. I’ve wondered about the idea of developing some sort of “bite” material, perhaps 1/4″ thick that is chewy that they could sink their teeth into but doesn’t break off, that has teeth-cleaning properties in it that they would enjoy chomping on before bedtime. I’ve noticed that kittens like to chomp on cardboard, (it’s cute), but that adults probably have sensitive gums that hurts. Night time is a time when they’d go the longest without eating (that is if you don’t leave food out for them) and might be the best time for that.

    • Albert, What do you feed your cat? And how old? I like your idea of a “bite” material, that might help to clean their teeth, like raw meat on bone does.

      My cat has oral re-absorption, and will have to get her teeth pulled at some point. The dental vet said she has inherited a “bad mouth”. She’s already lost her lower canines. She’s 7.

      I’ve never brushed her teeth, but do feed her commercial raw food, in addition to some high protein dry, so I don’t have to get up in the night.

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