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We Own A Feral Cat — 4 Comments

  1. I just wanted to say that I aquired a feral cat at 5 weeks old. That was 5 years ago. I had her spayed and declawed her front feet. She is our family pet and no longer acts like she was feral. She even goes outside daily now but always comes back in to eat, sleep and stays inside over night. She loves my grandaughter who is only 3 years old. I believe they can be tame again, if you get them young enough, as I did
    Lynn Ohrel

    • Thanks Lynn for sharing and well done in giving a home to a feral cat and getting her tame. Personally, I hate declawing and so do the other people who regularly visit this site but I don’t want to criticise you because you saved a cat.

      • Thanks Michael
        I do not like declawing either but she wasn’t going to stop scratching the furniture and I wanted her to be an inside cat. I have another cat that isn’t declawed as she never tried clawing at all. The second cat is not feral.

        • Thanks for not be heavy on me. I understand you. I just have a thing about declawing. You may get some similar comments from the regular visitors.

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