Tortoiseshell and white abandoned cat in cardboard box

Abandoned Calico cat in a box with some dry food

Abandoned Calico cat in a box with some dry food

You can see how nervous and concerned this calico cat is. She has just been abandoned outside the front door of an animal shelter in London, UK. It is a distressing picture in many ways because people love cats do not like to see cat looking anxious and nervous, in strange places, I wonder how she feels? She will never see her human caretaker again I suspect and let’s not forget that cats do and should form close relationships with their human caretakers. To abandon the cat is quite a wrench for the cat emotionally and in addition they are immediately placed in unfamiliar surroundings which makes them nervous and stressed and shelters are potentially dangerous places in respect of the transmission of contagious diseases. As soon as a cat is placed in a shelter in some respects their lives are at risk or at least more at risk than before.

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