Wealth, inequality gap of two cats (picture)

Inequality for cats is very evident in this difficult to see picture
Inequality for cats is very evident in this difficult to see picture. The picture was uploaded to Known Stuff on Reddit.com but I don’t know the name of the photographer unless it was the uploader. I believe it is copyright free.
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Phew, this picture is a little hard to look at. For me it is very sad. It’s been on Reddit.com for six years and no one has taken it down in that time which is admirable. It is a social statement picture. The kind of picture that normally features humans but here we have inequality for cats. The one in the car has a pristine white coat and a pretty colour no doubt with a trendy name attached to it. The tinted window is wound down slightly. An expensive car? A pampered cat?

The cat on the community trash dumpsters was probably searching for food inside them. He is filthy as lots of urban feral or stray cats are. He’s probably ill suffering from a chronic health condition of some sort such as FIP of FIV and his life was tough. I say ‘was’ because he is almost certainly dead by now. That’s why it is so sad for me.

Inequality affects humans and their companion animals. Just as obesity affects humans and their companion animals. A case of over-indulgence of being pampered just a little too much.

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I feel a need to recognise and praise all the wonderful volunteers, usually women, who care for feral and stray cats either in TNR colonies or individual cats. These volunteers do their work lovingly and silently. They don’t seek praise or fame. They just want to help cats who should not be where they are: in the human trash can. Discarded or forgetten. Unwanted. Yet the volunteers make them wanted again and many make it back to good homes.

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