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Wearing a lynx fur coat is “the pinnacle of trend-setting bravery” — 6 Comments

  1. Mary, someone should shoot you and throw your worthless body in a dump. Fur is a natural, beautiful, warm, sustainable material unlike synthetic fibers.

    • I absolutely agree! Lynx fur is of the finest clothing material ever and it looks gorgeous, as we can see on Kendal Jenner… Nobody has right to talk into what other wear! Animals have been hunted and trapped for thousands years – where is a problem? Lynxes are pretty abundant in some locations of North America and they are legally trapped because of pest control. Legally trapped, legally processed into fur coats and legitimately worn. The animal rights ideology is terrible. If somebody has a problem with using a pest animal for fur clothing, they don’t have to look at people wearing it.

  2. Society should demand post birth abortion for the entire clan. They do this for attention as they have talent except in exposing their bodies in one fashion or another. Yet this trash family has a reality TV show that people watch. Oh and LMAO-https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2017/07/kylie-jenner-goes-vegan-what-does-she-eat/

    The fur or hide taken from an animal for food is different than going out and killing one because you like the way it feels. There is a difference between necessity and vanity.

    raising wild animals in cages for the sole purpose of slaughtering them for their hide is deplorable. Foxes and several other animals are subjected to this and sadly many consumers can’t make the connection as to why it’s as wrong as simply going out and killing them. This is a moral issue. And I have learned that people either have them or don’t. Leopards don’t change their spots and sadly some people still want the real thing to drape over their bodies.
    Most of us in our 50s, 60s, 70s have grown up in a world where the culture has changed radically in all aspects up to and certainly including animal welfare. When I hear someone justify bad behavior because it’s what they grew up with I want to slap them.

  3. Any human who has the audacity to wear fur should be shot and pissed on! If they want to wear fur than wear human skin! It can be dyed and it can be stretched to any shape practically! humans are not an endangered species. These animals have every right to be free from humans greed and ignorance! Our species makes me sick!

  4. Good call out on a filthy industry Michael.

    People who wear, buy or sell ‘fashion’ fur = ugly on the outside and on the inside.

    Lily e Violeta & Mike Moser both know that what they do is morally & ethically wrong. Weasel words, ignorance & cowardice give them away 100%

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