Weird baby-faced, Russian dwarf Instagram star who loves cats and abuses them

NEWS AND OPINION: I don’t think you can get anything weirder than this in respect of a person’s relationship with their cat both in terms of the person looking extraordinary and the fact that he professes to love cats but hits his cat. Like I said, it’s weird. And it is tiresome really to be discussing it but because of its weirdness I think it does need discussing.

Hasbulla Magomedov with his Scottish Fold type cat
Hasbulla Magomedov with his Scottish Fold type cat. Image: Instagram.
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The man in question lives in Russia and his name is Hasbulla Magomedov. He has more than 2 million fans on Instagram, I guess because he looks very strange. And we have to be sympathetic to his appearance because he looks much younger than his years because of his condition. He is said to be 19 years of age. And he is 3’4″ tall so to me, he suffers from dwarfism and a condition which makes him look very young like an adult baby. He also has a high-pitched voice and childlike traits.

We have to be respectful too IF he deserves it and he does not on the basis of his video which he is apparently proud of.

In a very strange Twitter video, he pulls hard on the ear of his Scottish fold-type cat. The cat might be purebred but I just don’t know. The cat slinks away and then he follows his cat and starts slapping him or her around the head. This causes the cat to be fearful and retreat further.

It is a clear case of animal abuse and from a man who professes to love cats but hates dogs it is very peculiar indeed. The fact that he did it and videoed it at the same time and then uploaded the video for all to see including his massive following seems extraordinary to me. Does he want to be criticised or is he so desperate to find new material that he would even tell the world through his objectionable behaviour that he is a horrible person? Anything to get fame and to feed his fans with weird videos.

It’s is a symptom I think of modern social media. The weirder you can make your videos the more hits you get and the more money you make and the more influence you have. It drives these people to do ridiculous things. The number of cat abuse videos which are uploaded are extraordinary because the person who is abusing the cat uploads the video! This is an example of the phenomenon

These people seem to have lost their moral compass terminally. They just don’t seem to know the difference between right and wrong. between moral and immoral, between illegal and legal because in the UK this sort of behaviour would probably be a crime.

It brings to mind a video uploaded by the French footballer, Kurt Zouma, playing for a British team in the premiership league. He abused his cat and there was an enormous backlash from the public and as I recall he was prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. His club find him £250,000. Small beer for him but you know what I mean.

That’s enough because this is tiresome. I don’t think the abuse is so bad as to be unpublishable. Nowadays, the world is entirely different, compared to five years ago, on to what you can publish on the Internet. Particularly when you’ve got advertisers which share your content. Everybody takes a moral stance and big business refers to brush under the carpet any animal abuse. They prefer to hide the abuse and pretend it doesn’t exist which is a surefire way to generate more animal abuse!

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