Weird habits cat owners have?

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Do you do the things listed below? Are they weird? Or are they just normal? People who don’t like cats or don’t understand them might find them “weird”. Anyone who has experienced the companionship of an animal should regard most of them normal human behaviour. Although it might be argued that some of these behaviours go a bit too far. I have commented on these behaviour where I have something to say 😉

Calling your cat your child – This is to be expected to a certain extent but it can be dangerous in respect of cat welfare to see your cat as a child because it might mean you don’t allow your cat to express natural cat behaviour and drives. It also might mean you have false expectations about cat behaviour and what is allowed in the home, which is liable to lead to disappointment. Also punishing a child is generally considered acceptable as a means of disciplining a child whereas punishing a cat is never acceptable whatever the “experts” say.

Having conversations with your cat and being the voice of your cat at the same time – talking to your cat is totally normal. Being the voice of your cat might indicate a problem 😉

Giving your cat a lot of different names and nicknames – this normal behaviour between close friends and companions.

Buying birthday cards and Christmas cards for your cat – slightly weird 😉 but you may differ in your viewpoint and in any case it is harmless fun.

Your smartphone has more photos of cats than of people – nothing weird about this. Cats are better than people anyway and more attractive 😉

Being tearful over cat rescue stories – if any person with a heart can’t become tearful over cat rescue stories which tug at the heartstrings then the world is a more rotten place than I had thought.

Cat loving woman gives all her estate to her cat on her death
The above picture is probably sexist and it is certainly stereotyping the cat lover

Donating money to at least 4 different cat shelters – clearly not weird, just decent. A behaviour that should be praised not derided as “weird”.

You respond to your cat when she/he meows at you – once again totally normal and to be expected.

You have to resist the urge to adopt more cats – this is the beginning of cat hoarding I suspect. This is not weird but it is an aberration if the person succumbs to her/his urges.

You like burying you face in your cat’s fur and sniffing – anyone who has done this knows how nice it is. We all do things that we like so this can’t be weird. Cats smell delightful.

You spend a lot of money on your cat – if you live in a big city in the West you have to spend a lot of money on your cat for the sake of your cat’s health. I am thinking of vet bills. The archetypical person who spends lots on their cat is the fashion tycoon Karl Lagerfeld.

You leave the bathroom door open to let your cat come in when you are on the toilet – this is interesting. Some cats do like to join their human companion when on the toilet and we know it is because of the “scent” the person gives off. Cats are attracted even if we aren’t. What’s wrong with this if it keeps your cat content and panders to his desires and wild cat motivations?

When your cat is on your lap you don’t disturb him/her. You don’t want to move. “Darling, can you get me a glass of wine, I’m pinned down here.” – I do this. Meow…purr.

You sleep in an uncomfortable position in bed because your cat takes priority – I do this too 😉

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  1. Oh I forgot to mention, that Sometimes I talk with them in baby talk esp with Jasmine. Also I always leave bedroom door open a Jar, so if they want to come and Vist they can. Ill show a Photo of a cat that came to visit today. Don’t know his name. Jasmine hissed and Ozzie just sniffed but didn’t seem to worried and tiger wasn’t too bothered. The cat was very friendly and seemed affectionate.


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