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Weird habits cat owners have? — 40 Comments

  1. Oh I forgot to mention, that Sometimes I talk with them in baby talk esp with Jasmine. Also I always leave bedroom door open a Jar, so if they want to come and Vist they can. Ill show a Photo of a cat that came to visit today. Don’t know his name. Jasmine hissed and Ozzie just sniffed but didn’t seem to worried and tiger wasn’t too bothered. The cat was very friendly and seemed affectionate.

  2. Hi everyone. I agree with most of the Points. Well I dont class them as children, though with Jasmine I guess shes my baby still Or what I would Call my Girl. I do alot of cat talk to them, answer them back with a meow and really feel like they really understand what I’m saying as they give me that Look and Meow back. I have been classed by some of my family as crazy cat Lady which sometimes I take the wrong way as i guess I’m rather Sensitive at times. I definitely dont want to take on any more cats/kitties although i do sometimes get that feeling like maybe I could but tell myself I cant and it wouldn’t be fair on the Animal. Well I would say I have alot of Photos of The Cats on the Computer as well as One’s I plan to do Scrapbooking Photos on. Sometimes it gets abit much. I still have Hundreds on my External Hard-drive of my other Cats which I haven’t worked though. I like to support Cat places when I can afford too. I dont buy birthday Cards for them as I often forget the day. They do Sleep with me Mostly Jasmine loves to cuddle up most Nights/days. She doesn’t like it if I’m on Laptop and my arms are moving, in which she lays down on her bed while glaring at me. I do get forgiven afterwards though. I dont really sniff fur just like deep Rubbing, and kisses and smooches and Close Contact cuddles. I feel an amazing relief just putting my hands though Rebels Fur as its so soothing. Cats are always number one in this house I dont worry where they sleep or Lay. As most people on here realised Most of them lay on the Kitchen Table. I leave the bathroom door open and usually have a range of Kitties come to Visit.
    I really hate sad Cat stories esp about Cats being injured and Hurt in any way. I think Im a crazy cat person like everyone else. I wouldnt have it any other way as they are like family. Just tonite I was feeling Lonely and Sad. SO I came out to the kitchen and sat down and Jasmine Cuddled and Smooched me and Made me feel so much better. I forgot what I was lonely for.

  3. Yuppers! I’m a weirdo all the way.
    I meow, purr, even hiss.
    I bury my head in fur, lick and give love nips to ears, and kiss pretty paws.

    Its a great topic Michael and a very useful (seriously) article.

    I have to share two things here.

    number 1:
    Yes! I call may ferals my babies, boys and girls and give them equal priority as my three daughters. I am the father of cats and kittens and I have no hesitation to say that.

    I am generally father of daughters and these tiny babies 😉
    I own this for me, and am pleased a lot if some one calls me because a companion of Muhammed S.A.W. named ABDULLAH was called FATHER OF KITTENS and I am proud to be that Father <3

    Number 2:
    I am keenly, deeply and very seriously involved in these fellows. Though, they are animal and I don't have to deny the reality or TRUTH. But I keenly observe the actions and re-actions of my fellow cats and kittens. So, what I get is the knowledge of their psychology and behavior.

    Sometimes, it is a silent understanding and sometimes(if you all friends are not gonna think that it is a joke and ofcourse it is not a joke) I HISS, MEOW, SCRATCH, A slight head bud to big cats. Maybe you won't belief that they understand what I mean with all actions and all actions are same as cats. And they understand it. They sit very close to me, rub their heads with my feet, shoulders and face. They meow at me when they are in any need. If tehy are injured , they sit at my door and wait until I am there. So, I am TARZAN. Yes HAHAHAHAHAHA but it is a greatest satisfaction for my spirit which maybe no one can understand.

    Thanks Michael <3 <3 <3

    • Please one more I have left to say,

      If I read, hear, watch a cat cruelty on internet

      Yes tuely speaking, I get SICK, temperature 102/103. Strange kind of my bones start breaking, tears don’t stop and I start to think that this world is not a place for live in peace 🙁


      • I know that feeling Ahsan, if I see or hear of any cat being hurt or killed I feel physically ill and as if I can’t bear to stay in this world where it happens, any longer.
        Even thinking about vets deliberately crippling cats by declawing makes me feel my head will burst with anger against them and sadness for their victims.
        I thought I was half cat half woman, but I think you are 90% cat and I agree with Michael that there is no person more empathetic of the emotions and suffering of cats than you, anywhere.

        • Thank you for the expressions/comments Ruth <3

          Really I do, and sometimes I feel and I admit that this is a sweetest fact that I was born for humanity and animal welfare purpose. Though this thought was somewhere in me when I was a child going in class 1 but now I realize that I am late but the rest of my life must go on in this way.

          There were many hurdles in the way at the start of doing/ expressing the practical deeds but now I am afraid of no one. Who ever may say what ever! I really don't care. Even people may spit on my face or hate me because I love cats and their babies and moreover claim them my children, yes I do and I will claim them my children alongwith my three daughters at the day of judgement, too. With no hesitation and with my deep pleasure.

          I am really very very sensitive towards the issue of "WELFARE of CATS". Here on PoC I read articles about cruelty, in different states and areas of the world and dare not to read but I have to. I am unable to reply the articles. Because I can't. My fingers are dead tired and I have no any sentences to type. May I share a TRUTH openly with you RUTH????. . . I have decided not to reply the articles containing cruelty of cats because if I will reply them, Only what PoC will receive is abusing sentences to the cruel people or organizations. These are my sentiments, truly. And I am sure that I am not an aggressive person. Love demands for love not abusing <3 My path of love stops me there…makes me sick, broken and totally paralyzed.

          Maybe people will start thinking about me negatively, but I am that I am. So this is what I am. If I say I love them (Cats and kittens), I stick with that statement with what so ever happens next, I don't care.

          It is my Allah's blessings upon my family that we altogether feed them, care them, love them. They may be feral in the eyes/point of view of the people but they are not feral or wild for us, and I have a conclusion …

          Cats are not Feral or WILD….It is US who make them FERAL. Actually our attitude is FERAL toward them.

          Love you all cat lovers and specially you and Kylee, RUTH. <3 <3 <3 sorry had to say in long sentences, <3 <3 <3

          • I understand how you feel about not commenting on articles about cruelty Ahsan. You do good work there where you live, as I think most of our PoC family do, but you and Dee are our feral specialists and extra special people.
            We all have to do what our heart tells us to do and writing articles about declawing for PoC has been my work for 6 years now and along with Michael and Barbara and occasionally others, who have written, we have saved many cats claws. I don’t enjoy writing about declawing but I have to do it! A lot of people come to read but don’t comment.
            This world was never meant to be this way I’m sure, it was meant to be shared with all other species, live and let live, but something went sadly wrong 🙁

            • You are right RUTH <3 and I really appreciate your intellectual written articles.

              I am also confessing here in front of you today that I am against clipping the nail of my cats while I have done it several times due to dirt and poops on nail but now I only let them be grow and in nature. Cats need them and I just wash them with warm light cotton cloth, my cats never refused to let me touch their hands or nails but I just pet their hands, now. Never cut nails, only clean them. They are friendly with me and this is the basic lesson of TRUST which I have gained during this time of interacting them.

              God bless you RUTH, ameen. <3 <3 <3

              • We have never clipped cats claws either, not many people do in England. Only once when our Ebony was very old and her claws started curving into her pads did we have to clip them, she hated it!
                We believe in cats living as natural a life as we can give them while keeping them well and safe too.

            • Ruth, as you know I struggle in deciding to write about cat cruelty in any form and I wonder if I should stop doing it on PoC. I have stopped showing photos and videos of cruelty. That happened a while ago. The trouble is, as you say, it is part of the overall picture of the domestic and feral cat and it is in the news quite a lot so even if I limit it a lot it is hard to eliminate it.

              • I think you are wise not to show videos of cat abuse, but I do think you have to write about certain cases of cat cruelty. It’s not a happy world for all cats and we need to see the balance of good against bad. Life isn’t a fairy story where nothing bad happens to cats!
                I know that our declawing articles have saved cats claws, PoC has saved thousands of claws, which other web site has done that, apart from The Paw Project? They even look upon PoC as the number one UK site for education about declawing and you are well known for it amongst the anti declaw advocates.
                I think it’s good if we can write about any new developments in the anti declaw quest and about the bad guys like Dr Pol (the supposedly incredible vet declaws cats without proper anaesthetic monitoring and wearing no surgical gloves) so we can share the articles far and wide.
                PoC has a mission, to educate as well as to entertain…..and that is what I have always loved about it.

          • Ahsan, do you think there should be no articles on animal cruelty on PoC? I don’t show photos or videos anymore of animal cruelty and I limit the number of articles about cat abuse or neglect. One problem is this: abuse of cats in any form even just neglect is often in the news. Cat news refers to a limited number of topics unfortunately and I have to do some news stories because that is the only subject matter that is constantly new.

            • PoC is the website sincere with cats, Michael.

              To expose CRUELTY with CATS is not taken as NEGATIVE sense but exposed to public to STOP such EVIL ACTS. To realize them that they are HUMAN BEINGS and look what they are doing with innocents.

              I am not against the articles, Michael, but what I mean is that I have a very LOW tolerance level(from my childhood) towards listening such news, watching such acts or reading such EVIL DEEDS. 🙁 Its me who is not strong enough to bear the burden of such news. Maybe I can say for myself that I am not a FULL STRONG BRAVE man that can bear even such words, otherwise internet is a free place for all, I can’t say anymore, just my spirit can’t bear that and it affects my body chemicals directly 🙁

              God bless you, ameen. You are doing great work and I am with you Michael, insha Allah <3 <3 <3

              • I know how you feel. I am very similar but not quite as sensitive as you. I don’t believe it is a good thing, though, to do more than the minimum number of articles on abuse because it can lead to people accepting it as normal.

  5. The attending psychiatrist here at the home, Dr. Itchy Brother, has assured me during private consultation and conversation that the medical condition know as “Whack-Job” is indeed hyphenated.

    He has recommended I speak with my prescribing physician about obtaining suitable medications for the condition.

    But “NO”, there is nothing weird about any of my actions or relationship with my cats, just ask any one of them and they will say the same thing.

    As far as the advice given me by Dr. Itchy Brother, his professional acumen is without equal. Like he asked me recently: “Who are you going to trust? Those voices in your head, or your best friend???”

  6. Funny made me smile and even laugh to myself with some of these things! I am not guilty of 1,2,4 and 11 (11 only unless its vets bills because I don’t have the money!) they get treats and stuff toys scratching posts when the old ones have worn out perhaps that is spending a lot compared to some but its just normal to me. I do have to be careful what I spend because I have four cats now (albeit we are trying to find a home for Jinks) and sometimes this is the problem as to why its unwise that despite your best intentions you should never keep more cats than you can afford.

  7. I do most of these things lol just not call any of our cats a child as they are not child substitutes for me and I don’t have a smart phone but I have thousands of photos of our cats on my computer.
    Yes our cats have voices, every cat over the 40 years we’ve had them has had a different accent lol and we talk to each other. Our visiting cats have their own voices too.
    I’m a crazy cat lady and very proud of it 😉

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