Well trained cats line up on wall of platforms – picture and video


How many cats can you count? 😹😻

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This is an embedded video. It may stop working for reasons beyond my control. If it has stopped I am sorry.

Picture of obedient and well trained cats who line up on wall climber
Picture of obedient and well trained cats who line up on wall climber. Screenshot.
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You have to be impressed with this video which I like. I don’t like all the cat videos on the Internet because some of them are, in my opinion, slightly abusive of the cats. A study found that a substantial percentage of cats in Internet videos were stressed because of the video-making. Anyway, to get back to this video, it’s impressive as I said. The woman has successfully trained them to position themselves on this interesting looking wall of cylindrical platforms. I don’t know why the wall was built like that. Perhaps it was deliberately constructed for the enjoyment of the domestic cats. And I also don’t know why there are so many cats in one indoor space. Perhaps this is a cat café in Asia. That’s the impression I get. And if so it would be very entertaining for clients of the café to watch the cats lineup like this. It’s also great for the cats because it gives them some exercise and entertains them. All in all, I would say that this is a success and the video works well.


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