Wellness Core cat food is rated the best

Wellness Core cat food is rated the best

by Rebecca

Rated the best… says Rebecca. Comment from Michael…Thanks Rebecca. I thought that I had better do a bit of work on that simple statement to see if it can be supported.

Well, my research on the best dry cat food some time ago (March 2010) resulted in a clear win for Innova EVO.

Having reviewed that page it seems that Wellness Core was a close second at that time, which supports your statement – almost. That said the assessments are not that scientific.

Although I don’t live in the US Wellness Core would seem to be dry cat food.

In a play off I checked to see the review ratings on Amazon, which came out as follows:

Wellness CORE Grain-Free, Fish and Fowl Adult Cat and Kitten Food (the only CORE variety on Amazon) made 33 reviews at 4.5 – excellent.

EVO Turkey and Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food made 37 reviews at 4.5 – excellent too.

OK – conclusion? They are both top end dry cat foods.

Let the cat decide which is the best!

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Wellness Core cat food is rated the best to Best Cat Food

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