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Werewolf syndrome Persian cat needs regular hair cuts

Snookie has hypertrichosis which translates to lots and lots of hair, which just grows and grows. It is a rare condition. She’s mistaken for a dog. This is partly because her owner grooms her regularly – I think she has to – and the end result is that she looks like a Shih Tzu dog.

Persian cat, Snookie, has hypertrichosis. Photos in public domain.

When you see her in her unshaved and ungroomed state I recognise the need for grooming. This is one example where regular grooming is more of a medical necessity than a desire to change the appearance.

Her owner, Julie Diguay, is a dog groomer. No surprise then that Snookie ends up looking like a dog. Snookie is used to her hair cuts.

‘I give her all these cuts and she doesn’t mind it at all—she enjoys it…If we didn’t groom her she would look like a werewolf.’

I do think, though, that Julie enjoys styling Snookie’s hair like a hairdresser. That aspect of this story may irritate some animal advocates. Animal advocates like domestic cats to be as natural as possible and not dressed up as little humans or little dogs.

If it is left to grow her hair gets into her mouth and eyes. She can’t see where she is going.

Snookie lives in Sainte-Rosette Canada. Another werewolf cat also lived or lives in Canada: Atchoum from Montreal.

Source: Daily Mail online. P.S. Humans get it. Hypertrichosis is an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body.

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  • I'm not too upset about the haircuts, and I'm sure the cat doesn't mind. Better she gets them than not, and the down fur is so soft. I would like the cat to look like a cat though, and what about her whiskers? It's not necessary to cut those and they are especially useful to a cat.

    The Maine Coon cat I had not only loved people to an extreme, he actually loved me giving him a shaving on his belly no less. And he had never been shaved before. Maine Coons... wonderful cats.

    Snookies hair coloring and vertical pupils makes for one weird looking dog.

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