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West Miami man ordered to give up his elderly cats — 17 Comments

  1. Hans H Perez, I am praying that these moronic “officials” will come to their senses and leave you and your cats ALONE! Are they REALLY this cold and heartless? It is one thing if someone is “hoarding” animals or if the animals are in poor health or living in unsafe, unhealthy, or dangerous conditions. From what I have read, this is not the case by a long stretch with you. Your cats are loved and cared for.
    PLEASE, Miami, do not bleed this man dry with fines and PLEASE do not take his precious cats from him! Let them stay with the man who loves and cares for them so well until the natural end of their lives. It is the ONLY humane and compassionate solution to what you so erroneously view as a “problem.”

  2. I just makes me feel that this law which is so strict has been made by cat haters FOR cat haters!!! Its just horrible 🙁 I hope that a cat lover who has pleanty of money comes forward and pays the fines so he can keep his cats If I had the money I would.

  3. Another case of the law being unable to cover the right situations only. It’s very sad indeed. If only the man could just move the hell out of there. There should be an additional circumstance added into law that allows for more cats or dogs if its clearly not causing a problem – and it could be argued because of the problem of stray animals. There’s the motivation to allow more animals to a person wherever possible.

  4. It feels more and more like Nazi Germany here. Some day, authorities will be armed and break down doors to make a “cat count”.

    Nobody cares about a “kid count” of those folks that suck the taxpayers dry taking care of them.

    Even if Dade County doesn’t rescind this insane ordinance, people should be grandfathered in.

    • I hate to say it but the UK has gone a similar route with the police preventing freedom of speech and from an outsider’s point of view the US looks less democratic than it ever did. I think it is the economic pressures and security pressures that cause people to become more hostile.

      This ordinance needs amending to make it more sensible.

  5. 25 $/Day fine for each cat * 6 cats = 150 US $’S!.Since he has had these cats for 16 years means that a few of these cats could be very old nearing the end of their average life-span.An exception could be made in Hans H. Perez’s case and at least be exempted for the present 6 cats he has owned since 16 years.He is funding the entire upkeep of his cats and if the cats are not a nuisance to his co-tenants then there is no reason he shouldn’t keep them.The American pet Laws could be really cruel and ridiculous at times, especially to citizens from developing Country’s.

  6. I wonder if a charge of ” cause of animal cruelty” could be made against the authorities enforcing that rule, as follows.
    Implementing that rule would cause bodily harm or death to the cats involved. This is clear because of the situation at Miami Dade Shelter and the lack of considerations for the well-being of the cats.
    As usual the law is an Ass, and the people who enforce it are Ass-holes.

  7. How cruel to expect him to choose three cats to keep and six to part with, surely the law would have been better to allow existing pets to remain for their lifetime and not be replaced. Like you Elisa I wouldn’t do it, I’d move before I’d part with a single one of them. I’ve found the petition on the Internet and signed, it’s here http://www.lifewithcats.tv/2013/10/15/3-petition-wants-west-miami-to-allow-man-to-keep-his-senior-cats/
    I hope someone can stop this madness

    • The law makers have totally missed the point that people have a deep emotional connection with their cat(s) and that each cat has a value. They are making decisions as declawing US vets do: ignoring the emotional element of the person and the life of the cat.

  8. I understand financially it may not be possible but I’d move before I surrended those cats. He’d have to live with that decision the rest of his life.

    • I would also move. Or fight it and make a huge fuss. 3 cats is not that many. A lot of people all over the country have more than 3 cats, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. When I don’t have kitten fosters, which take way more time and money, we have 8 cats here. 2 feral; 1 elderly, grumpy old man cat, and 5 younger 1-2 y/o cats. It is not that hard to take care of 8 cats. I can’t imagine why such a law, limiting the number of cats someone could own would even be needed. I am assuming there are already laws on the books for hoarding situations and/or homes where the cats are not being taken care of. I feel horrible for this man and his cats, no one should be in this type of situation if they are a responsible pet owner.

  9. It is clear to me that the introduced law should have had a built-in transition period whereby people with more than 3 cats were allowed to keep them until they passed away but not replace them so that over time no one had more than 3 cats.

    This would have been sensible and humane. The current arrangement just means more loved cats being killed at shelters.

    The new ordinance is poorly drafted. It needs amending (and acting retrospectively) and in the meantime Perez should be allowed to keep his cats

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