West Virginia cruelty case: Scratches found inside totes after multiple dead cats were found abandoned

Berkeley County Animal Control is reaching out for help from the public on another bizarre case of cats were found dead after being abandoned.  This case is much like the Rockingham County, NC case in May 2016.

(Facebook: Berkeley County Animal Control)
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This case comes out of Hedgeville, West Virginia. Berkeley County Animal Control posted August 19 on their Facebook page asking for help. So far the crime is unsolved.

“Berkeley County Animal Control is NEEDING the publics HELP!

Multiple plastics totes were located in the area of Campaign Ln. and Cannon Hill Rd. in Hedgesville, WV. When the Officer observed the plastic totes, the lids were taped heavy with duct tape. Inside the plastic totes contained multiple deceased Cats. It is alleged that the Cats were placed inside of the totes alive, as deep scratches were observed.

The Officer is unable to identify any of the Cats due to decomposition.

If ANYONE has any information that they can provide, please contact Berkeley County Animal Control (304) 263-4729, and speak with Officer Scully.

Berkeley County Animal Control is doing everything they can to locate the subjects responsible but is needing the publics help in identifying any additional information.”

(Facebook: Berkeley County Animal Control)

There’s a chance someone out there knows who did this. Please share this article with friends with the hope that crossposting will catch this person.


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2 thoughts on “West Virginia cruelty case: Scratches found inside totes after multiple dead cats were found abandoned”

  1. What a horrifying way to die. My heart is crying for these poor kitties. Sending love to these precious souls at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope someone comes forward with information which leads to finding the subhuman who committed this insane act of cruelty.

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