Westberry had been hoarding cats for many, many years

Intro: This article is, I hope, an insight into the behavior of cat hoarder and abuser Julianne Westberry. It is written by a person who knew her and who had dealings with her. Click this link to see articles about her (the link opens a new tab/window).

My experience with her has always been positive and she has helped me in the past. I have known her for 10 years or better, she has always had far more cats that any one person should have.

Myself like many others just assumed all was well, she didn’t have to be a clean person to care for cats. She lived in Anderson when I first met her, the house she was in then had a horrible stench to it, but everyone just assumed again it was from all the cats.

There were deceased cats in the walls of that house when she moved. The house had to be completely remodelled… the entire house.

There were five gallon bucks of cat litter removed when she moved. Reading this now, all the signs were there way back then, but hindsight is 100%. The reason she moved from that house was because she was trying to adopt three little girls. I believe she was successful. They moved to Belton, the first house in Belton. I had over the years gotten cats from her as well as taken cats to her. If I had a question, she was my go to lady. So needless to say it was disturbing that this happen.

I went to her first house in Belton one day to get meds for a sick kitty that I had, she met me at the door and the stench was horrible, the flies were everywhere. I have a feeling this was going on then, now seeing the signs. I had to go home and shower to try and get the stench out of my nose.

Wasn’t too long after that she moved from that location to another location in Belton. I don’t know how she managed to keep those girls all these years, unless once the adoption is final they don’t do checks anymore. I really hate this to happen to her, because I think deep inside she is a good person with a good heart.

Her father did recently pass away, but all this was going on before that happened. The girls should be grown now, so maybe she was feeling alone again or something. I have never known her to have a husband, or boyfriend. She was always just the lonely “cat lady”. Again this is not to bash her name, or add fuel to the flames, but I do honestly believe this has been going on for many many years.

I hope that she will get the help she needs, and on that note she does need some consequences for her actions. She was a smart lady, she knew what she was doing was not right. I request that my name or identifying information be omitted from this, I do still know many people that know her. I will be glad to offer anything information that I have, that I may have missed, because it is puzzling how someone can do such a thing, and I don’t buy the story she snapped, I think this has been happening for years.

P.S. The section in the article that says someone was at her house a few months before this happen, well either she just moved in or that person is lying. Julianne has never had a clean house, always had very smelly stench, the entire time I have known her.

The author wishes to remain anonymous

25 thoughts on “Westberry had been hoarding cats for many, many years”

  1. Julianne is a person who should never be allowed to live in society again.She is a very evil and cunning person who was able to con good,kind and genuine people for many years.A person like this will continue to do this no matter what,she has no thought for any beautiful cats that she gets her hands on and the fact she was able to adopt children(which isn’t easy to do)and make them live in shocking conditions proves there is only one thing that matters to her and that is HER.When will the do gooders in society realise that giving these people soft jail terms(if any in most cases)doesn’t help anybody,they deserve to rot in jail and if a death penalty is available then in severe cases maybe it should be considered.Before anyone says BUT THEY WERE ONLY CATS it is not the point,they are living,breathing,beautiful animals and NOBODY has the right to let them live and die like that.This woman is a PARASITE and should not get away with this.


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