Wet cat says “I’m cold”

Cat says I'm cold
Cat says I’m cold
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This is one of those videos where it seems that the cat is speaking English. The cat is in a bath and appears to have been bathed which is why it is appropriate to say ‘I’m cold’. But the sound that this cat is making is a variation of the one we see and hear a lot on the internet. Every cat has her own version of this sound. A variant of it is normally made when cats are in a standoff before fighting. It is a sound which signals aggitation and anxiety. That is my reading of it. Clearly this cat wants to get out of the bath and get dry and warm. He or she has been through an unpleasant process and is vocalising minor distress. People find it amusing and it makes a high hitting short video which is what video makers crave.


“I’m cold, I’m cold, mari, MARI, no” #fyp

♬ mariiakbrownn – betch


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