What a life for a cat! A goal to aspire to.

“These animals are living the life!” AND “Pretty sure the cat thinks she’s a dog :D” – YouTube comments

Rosie and Lilo on boat

Rosie and Lilo on boat. What a life!

This is exceptional. It almost like watching a fictional movie but it is real. Very few domestic cats have such a rich and full life ram-packed with adventure. Adventure brings stimuli which is great for a domestic cat. What you see looks almost unattainable but it is possible. I suspect that very few cat owners and very few cats would do this. It is personality thing but also the lady owner is fantastic I think. She tries things. She has taken some risks and pulls it off.

It seems that Rosie has developed some dog-like traits through being raised in close contact with Lilo the Husky dog. This has resulted in her adapting to walking on a leash and enjoying it. A lot of cats just don’t walk on leashes. You might be able to train a cat to do it but it won’t be easy. I am thinking of taking my cat on a proper walk on a leash, down by the river, just like a dog. But I’d be worried. What if we meet a real dog! I am not sure it’s practical in all honesty and I don’t understand how the family in the video make it work. The hazards are everywhere.

The life of Rosie looks wonderful but the video must have taken quite a lot of planning and effort. I wonder if there were some fails in making it which we don’t see. I wanted to see what Jackson Galaxy says about walking your cat on a leash but I don’t see it in the index to his book Total Cat Mojo. This surprises me because a leash is an avenue to providing a domestic cat with a fuller life. It’s a type of catification to use Jackson terminology.

One amazing thing about the video is that it has received 2.5k dislikes (thumbs down) from viewers on YouTube. That’s very strange. What is there to not like about this charming video?

If you think that this is a goal NOT to aspire to, please tell me why in a comment. Thanks.

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What a life for a cat! A goal to aspire to. — 2 Comments

  1. If you train your cat or go on adventures, it depends not only on your lifestyle and abilities, but also the cat’s personality.

    @Lilothehusky is part of @minicattown a cat rescue

    Also check out

    Catmantoo on IG and FB, animal behaviorist that worked for the military. You’ve seen his vids.

    Tuna the adventure cat on IG. She’s an emotional support animal that helps her human get out and go on adventures.

    Honey Bee and Fig. On FB. Honey, from Fiji, traveled with her humans; she’s blind, but her mom is in vet school now. She now has blind Fig as a friend.

    @1bike1world. Scotsman is biking through Europe and other places. He’s in Greece now. He’s slowed down his itinerary to accommodate a young cat he rescued. Nala is learning to travel.

    Skatty. He’s a small boat cat.

    • I agree that the cat’s personality is critical but that said 90 percent of cat owners don’t even consider this sort of relationship.

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