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What a life for a cat! A goal to aspire to. — 2 Comments

  1. If you train your cat or go on adventures, it depends not only on your lifestyle and abilities, but also the cat’s personality.

    @Lilothehusky is part of @minicattown a cat rescue

    Also check out

    Catmantoo on IG and FB, animal behaviorist that worked for the military. You’ve seen his vids.

    Tuna the adventure cat on IG. She’s an emotional support animal that helps her human get out and go on adventures.

    Honey Bee and Fig. On FB. Honey, from Fiji, traveled with her humans; she’s blind, but her mom is in vet school now. She now has blind Fig as a friend.

    @1bike1world. Scotsman is biking through Europe and other places. He’s in Greece now. He’s slowed down his itinerary to accommodate a young cat he rescued. Nala is learning to travel.

    Skatty. He’s a small boat cat.

    • I agree that the cat’s personality is critical but that said 90 percent of cat owners don’t even consider this sort of relationship.

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