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  1. I had no idea that Bengal numbers had dropped so much. They always seem to be such popular cats with the public. Perhaps like the Sphynx, they suffered from being a “status” cat when the breed was first introduced in the UK? Bengals became well known mainly because of Esmond Gay and his celebrity clients. (I remember when Cindy Jackson paid £25,000 for one of his cats Kato in 1998). Growing awareness of inherited health problems and reported behavioural ones, may be having a negative effect on the buying public.

    Interesting to note that the top 3 breeds are all fairly natural looking cats, known for being robust. In addition to the health problems of the Persian, I think the extreme version favoured by show judges is not as popular with the public as the more traditional looking Persian was. I’m sure the maintenance required to properly care for their coats (also designed to please judges) is enough to put a lot of people off.

    Having that data collated into one article shows the stark decline in registered pedigree cats. I find that a little sad as I would hate for some breeds to completely disappear.

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