What are the signs of feline friendship?

What are the signs of feline friendship?

Cat friends

Cat friends. Definitely. Photo: Instagram.

The signs of feline friendship should be quite obvious but they are worth specifying as you might be unsure. They are listed below:

  • They spend time together and like being near each other.
  • They greet each other with their tails up, a friendly mutual signal like a human smile.
  • They groom each other – mutual grooming (called ‘allogrooming‘). The human equivalent of tender touching.
  • They play together. Dating?
  • They rest against each other (Jackson Galaxy calls this “pillowing”). Obvious and very human-like.
  • They touch noses when greeting. The human equivalent of a kiss.

I don’t think you can predict if one cat will get along with another and become friends. It’s about chemistry just as it is with humans.

My cat gets along with a visiting female cat (I believe that she is female). There was no knowing whether they’d get on.

Fortunately he likes and wants to play with her. Although he is too boisterous for her. He’s too young and lacks social skills. She is less keen to play and normally runs away but there is affection from her towards him. They touch noses when greeting each other and they approach each other with their tails up. They do not rest in contact with each other because she is not part of the household and nervous. It is the sort of situation that could develop into her staying and I don’t want that because (a) she is the companion of someone else and (b) I don’t want a second cat.


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