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What are the symptoms that your cat is dying? — 4 Comments

  1. We must always ask what is best for the animal not best for us. I have always instinctively known when I was doing more harm than good by extending their lives. It is the last act of true love you bestow on your beloved companion. A peaceful end to pain and suffering.
    Generally you’ll see them lose interest in life. Well cared for house pets don’t die easily.

  2. Michael, as you know, I could not bear to have my Nikki euthanized. She had gone through several procedures at the veterinarian’s office less than two weeks before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Putting her through some of those tests is what I regret. I brought her home to stay with me through her very last breath. I listened to my heart. I still feel that in her case it was best. 😿 ☮️ ☯️ 💜 💜 🐾

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