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What are these cats? Wild, domestic or hybrid? — 5 Comments

  1. If this story isn’t fabricated….

    My gut feeling is to say that they are, merely, random bred feral kittens that will be obvious tabbies as they grow up. I don’t see Ocelot, Bengal, Cheetah or any other wild cat.
    So many feral kittens look exotic at first.
    They’re beautiful. But, the midwest states, including Indiana, really only have bobcats and a rare cougar.

    • We had bobcats in Indiana but never a report of a cougar. Of course the population increase has made many species more visible as they LOSE HABITAT. Bobcats will frequent farms and structures but only to hunt vermin. I just can’t see one setting up shop that close to humans. Think really feral cat and multiply by 100.

  2. More than likely the Department of Wildlife will make an assessment.
    I can’t think of why a bobcat or other wild cat would have a litter in barn.
    The only time bobcats were ever encountered in a barn were the ones lured in by vermin to hunt.
    No sign of the mother ?

    • I agree, where is the mother. These kittens have very strong high contrast marking reminiscent of small wild cats but being so exotic looking you’d think the mother would be high profile and very noticeable. I’m wondering if this is a “created” story and the person who found the kittens knows or owns the mother.

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