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What biome does the jaguarundi live in? — 2 Comments

  1. It’s surprising to me that this very powerful cat hunts during the day. Not what I would have expected.
    I still get confused between big cats. Some look very similar. I think that the distinguishing factor for a jaguarundi may be the ears. It seems that coloring doesn’t play a part.

    • Well, I think that this wild cat breed is perhaps the most idiosyncratic wild cat or indeed of any cat on the planet. The small head and as you say the small ears are defining features. The head seems to me out of proportion to the rest of the body. But this cat species is really quite small, not being much larger than a domestic cat and therefore it is smaller than the bobcat. That too must help people recognise it.

      The idea that cats always hunt at night is mistaken because a lot of the time they are quite flexible as to when they hunt depending upon circumstances including availability of prey in the presence of humans or otherwise.

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