What Breed Does Luna Resemble?

What Breed Does Luna Resemble?

by Josh


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Shes not a very photogenic feline so I apologize for lack of decent detail, also her being a black cat, it's hard to get good lighting on her. But here's what I can say about Luna.

She definitely has a very thick triple coat (jet black putter coat and dark dark brown undercoat) that my very allergic girlfriend does not seem to react at all to.

So that alone really seems to point to a Siberian to me. Luckily she CONSTANTLY grooms herself which is kind of nice for us because she does an extremely good job.

And no hairballs thank god - lol. From nose to tail shes probably about 15-17 in long or so and 8-10 lbs. Shes very laid back and not an active cat at all even when Piggy tries her hardest to play. So that's about it, any other questions - just let me know.



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What Breed Does Luna Resemble?

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May 23, 2010 Hi Josh
by: Michael

It is quite tricky answering this sort of question. I agree with Tracey judging by the facial appearance but Luna is average sized and MCs are large and long.

The Siberian and Norwegian Forest Cat may have a similar origin to the Maine Coon.

As Luna appears to be hypoallergenic and as Siberian cats are smaller and less rangy than the MC, I would say Luna resembles the Siberian. Siberian cats are said to be hypoallergenic.

Also Siberian cats come in all colours and patterns, which includes black of course.

All that said Luna is a random breed cat so it is a bit academic trying to answer this question.

Thanks, though, for showing us Luna and visiting PoC.

Michael Avatar

May 22, 2010 Ozzie
by: Tracey (England)

She looks just like my Ozzie who is a Maine Coon

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