What breed is my cat? Photo attached

What breed is my cat? Photo attached

by Raissa
(Queens, NY)


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Chuchy Chuchy Chuchy

We rescued a black cat and at home she had two kittens, one of them died, the other one named Chuchy, will be 4 years old on March 21, 2011. I would like to know what breed or what type of cat is he, Chuchy?


Hi Raissa.. Your cat has a spotted coat as far as I can tell from the pictures, which are a bit indistinct. Sometimes spots merge to form stripes. There are also white areas of fur on the legs. The face is slightly "foreign" or Siamese type (more long than square or round). The body is quite slender too.

This is a spotted tabby and white random bred cat as far as I can tell. The spots are attractive and remind me of the Egyptian Mau. That may have occurred to you to. Or you may have thought that he had some Bengal cat in him. I don't think that that is the case - sorry.

Spotted tabbies or spots merging to lines are fairly common in random bred cats and feral cats.

This kind of coat is good for camouflage in the wild. The white areas are due to the white spotting gene or piebald gene. This was probably imported by the cat that mated with your black cat.

Nearly all the world's domestic cats care random bred or mixed breed cats because purebred cats (cats of a cat breed) are relatively rare in the world. They are most common in the United States however and you occasionally see them shelters or rescue centers or as stray cats.

This page says some more about deciding is your cat is a cat breed.


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