What breed is my cat, please??

What breed is my cat, please??


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Hi Vivian.... You cat looks like a blue (dilute black) traditional Siamese cat. The blue refers to the pointing (the color of the extremities of the cat. You can see more on blue point Siamese cats.

He or she probably a Siamese mix, meaning not purebred as you would usually know if you have a purebred cat.

Sometimes you might not know because a purebred has become a stray cat or found his way to a rescue center for instance.

Your cat looks nice. Very traditional in appearance because he is stocky (cobby) which is completely in the opposite direction to modern Siamese cat breeding.

What more can I say? Lilac Siamese look similar to blue Siamese!

On this page: What breed is my cat? I talk about answering this question in more detail.


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