What Breed Is My Cat Sophie?

What Breed Is My Cat Sophie?



Sophie is my 6 year old short hair female cat. I've been wondering what kind of cat she is.

Her fur is blue-gray and she has a striped tail. Her right eye is yellow-green, and her left eye is brown.

Her left eye was originally green but for some reason over the years it's changed to brown.

She's nice to her owners, but hostile towards strangers. She will growl and hiss at strangers.



Hi Cassie - I think this is your name.... I can only repeat what I said before to similar questions. Sophie is probably a random breed cat that looks like a Russian Blue or Korat. Both these cats are blue and only blue. They are one of the grey cats. In the cat fancy grey is described as blue as you no doubt know.

It is not possible to say with certainty what breed a cat is solely by appearance. A documented, certified, pedigree is the only way. There is no DNA test either. See what breed is my cat?

Interestingly the Russian Blue has green eyes too!

There may be something in that but I know regular visitors like Finn will say that Sophie is a random bred cat. But a very nice looking cat and one that is a look-a-like of one of the shorthaired grey cat breeds.

Thanks for visiting again.


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What Breed Is My Cat Sophie?

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Dec 04, 2010 Her face
by: George

What a pleasant face Sophie has.

Jul 02, 2010 Possibly some Russian influence
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Oops, I was a bit too fast this morning and inserted my adress in the title line.

Jul 02, 2010 hansen@raarup.eu
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Cassie. Unless both parents were purebred too, your cat is per definition a mixed breed and most cats are just that. You could also call her a Blue Domestic Shorthair.
Some people seem to think that their cats must belong to a particular breed in order to be 'special', but that is far from the case. All cats are special and mixed breeds are no less intelligent, beautiful, affectionate and loved by their owners than the purebred. Actually they are often healthier and live longer because of less inbreeding.
So Michael was absolutely right about what I would tell you, but as you have had Sophie for a long time, I'm sure she has become special to you too. 😉
The blue-gray colour is actually a dillution of black and can occurr with all cats that carry the colour black in their genes. A faint tabby pattern may also be visible as is the case with the stripes on Sophies tail. It looks as if maybe she has a very faint tabby Mi in her forehead too?
When I was a boy I had a bluish kitten called too. After generation upon generation of tabby striped farm cats he suddenly appeared - out of the blue so to speak 😉
But even if Sophie is mixed breed, she could well have some purebred roots - maybe one of her grandparents were a Russian blue or something like that. We'll never know, but to me her short, plush fur points in that direction. Russian or not she is a great looking cat.

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