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  1. Hi
    I was just wondering if anyone could possibly tell me what breed my kitten is
    I got him for my birthday but my mum didn’t know his Heratage so if possible and you know the breed could you please let me know so I can do as much research on him as possible so that I can care for him in the best way possible

    • Hi Daniel. Thanks for asking. He is a great looking cat. He is not a bred of cat but a random bred cat. This means he does not have a pedigree written down by a breeder and a cat association. I don’t know where your mother got him. It may be the local shelter. This is the best way to adopt a cat. Nearly all domestic cats are not purebred, pedigree cats. Random bred cats are generally healthier than purebred cats. He is very handsome. He is a ‘tuxedo cat’. Or a black-and-white cat. He has fantastic ears. They are large. And he has a nice symmetrical pattern on his face. Love him and look after him well and you’ll have a great friend for many years.

      There are many pages on this website on how to look after domestic cats. Please explore them.

    • Hi Eunice. He’s a medium-long haired black-and-white random bred cat. He is not a member of any specific cat breed. Sorry. He is very handsome. Thanks for visiting and asking.

      • That’s a pity. Thank you, anyway. But I would like to know how to make the difference between a breed one and a stray one. To know in future, if it’s possible. Thanks.

  2. Hello, I have looked for my cats breed for so long I think it is a mix, but she is a very dark brown with black stripes. She has very long legs and her fur on her nose almost goes in a different detection then around her eyes. She has white fur in the mix as well as a tiny bit of white forming almost a fur necklace and a little white circle on the lower part of her tummy..

    • Hi Madison, she sound like a random bred mackerel tabby-and-white cat who is rangy (long legged). If you have a photo you might like to upload it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Do you still do this? This is the best picture I got of my cat. She is all black with a little white on the chest. She has green eyes too.

  4. I enjoyed your article. You confirmed what I had suspected about my 4 beautiful feline family members. 2 of them are brothers from different litters who look almost identical. They were born to the same all-black, long-haired mother cat a few months apart. We believe the same alpha male, who is the dominant tom of the neighborhood (and also all-black with short hair), fathered both litters. I see them every day and I still find it tricky to tell them apart sometimes.
    Anyway I keep saying they are “calendar cats” because they’re so good-looking. They look like miniature black panthers! I am considering entering them in shows, and wondered what breed they could be. Now i understand they are not the result of “breeding” (or “inbreeding” to be more precise), they are just the lucky recipients of genetics happening at random, through natural selection.
    Looking through the comments, it amazes me how many ignorant and selfish people there are in the world today. The majority of the comments are people asking you to tell them what breed their cat is, when the answer is already written in plain English, right there in your essay. So either they’re so stupid that they didn’t understand what you wrote, or they didn’t bother to read it in the first place, in which case it is extremely rude of them to ask you for anything. No one wants to learn anything, but everyone wants all the anawers…how disappointing and sad.

    • Thank you for commenting, Jennifer. I agree with what you say. It is a very typical human thing to want to own a fancy purebred cat. People want a nice possession. And therefore they seek some sort of confirmation that their cat is special and purebred et cetera. As you can see, it happens a lot. I tend to accept it as part of human nature.

      The article was intended to prevent people asking whether their cat is purebred or not but as you rightly say it is simply encourage people to do the opposite!

  5. Micheal broad, thanks for your answer. We were in doubt because of the excessive brown on two of the cats. We read that Turkish vans have the color on tail and head.

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