What Breed is My Cat???

What Breed is My Cat???

by Sophie Ann
(South Korea)

front view

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front view

front view back & side view paw color

The previous owners of this gorgeous little kitty told me that they purchased her at some pet shop claiming that she is a Russian Blue. Although her face fits the description, her tail and long back fur do not. She's about 9 months old...can anyone help me figure out what she could be????

Sophie Ann

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What Breed is My Cat???

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Jan 07, 2012 Nebelung NEW
by: Michael

If your cat is a cat breed (i.e. purebred) she might be a Nebelung, the semi-longhaired version of the Russian Blue. However, her hair is not that long but her tail is slightly plumed.

She might be purebred and the breeder might have wished to breed a good quality Russian Blue and failed slightly. Not all purebreds are to "type".

There are other grey cat breeds. One is the Korat, which fits nicely.

However, all this speculation will be in vain unless you have some sort of documentation to prove she is purebred or a pedigree (lineage).

Thanks for visiting and asking. It is nice to hear from South Korea.

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  1. What ever the breed the feline is most remarkable and loyal. Don’t get tied up on breeds. Love you’re you’re cat and they love you.


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