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What breed makes the best house cat? — 3 Comments

  1. I know that 3 of my feral rescues would dearly love to race around outside, but as they are deaf and there are too many predators around it is impossible. Nor can I afford to build an enclosure as the cost is prohibitive. I leave the inner doors open in good weather and when I am at home, so they can see and smell the desert. If I could train them to a harness and leash, I would be taking them for walks. But I wouldn’t stress them that way-they would be terrified at the restraint. When I have the windows open, I sit on the chair and they gather on the sill. Then we can all enjoy the outdoors.

  2. Cats raised indoors with loving guardians who meet their needs are usually content.
    That of course excludes man made exotics that are often a dismal failure for the owners and the animal even when outdoor enclosures are provided. If you don’t like wild animals in a zoo you can’t condone taking them from the wild and crossing them with a domestic animal to make designer ego mutants.

    • Agreed. A well socialised domestic cat whether she is a purebred or not will adapt to a confined life. It is a compromise and a good one.

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