What Breeds Made My Cat?

What Breeds Made My Cat?

by Melissa
(South Carolina)


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Cloud was a stray that showed up at our door as a kitten about 2-3 years ago (mewing very loudly, of course).

We recently decided to officially adopt him (i.e. neutering, micro-chipping, etc.) so on the paper I had listed him as a domestic short hair.

But I'm still curious as to what possible breeds he may have. There's several other strays I've seen wandering about, but most are tabbies (some long hair), black, calico...none that would seem to be possible parents for my kitty.

Is it possible he may have some Siamese-type or other similar breeds? Either way, he's still gorgeous, loving, and very amusing to have around.


Hi Melissa.... Thanks for visiting and asking. I was surprised when I opened your submission to check it and publish it.

I was surprised at Cloud's outstanding appearance - beautiful.

I immediately thought that Cloud could be a purebred flame point Siamese cat of the traditional type. For me has all the attributes. He looks like a purebred cat to me.

Traditional Siamese cats are not skinny (foreign type or oriental type bodies). They are shaped "normally" like your average cat - see some old fashioned Siamese cats - Siamese cat history (you may have seen these already).

But he is flame pointed, that is for sure. Flame pointing is red or orange pointing. He looks like a Siamese cat too. The only question is whether he is purebred or not. Without papers you will never know and without them you can't say he is purebred as you no doubt realise.

Therefore I don't think he is hybridised at all or if so not too much. His appearance looks "pure". On that basis I will guess that only one breed made up your cat - Siamese. If I am too optimistic then I would suggest perhaps one breed and one type of cat made up your cat, a Siamese and a tabby cat (see the faint "M" on the forehead). Tabby cats are not a breed of cat as you know.

Cloud looks very similar to this cat:

Flame Point Siamese Cat

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What Breeds Made My Cat?

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Jun 20, 2010 Looks like Binky!
by: Elisabeth

Aaawww! Definitely a Flame Point Siamese!

I had a much-loved cat named Binky for many years, who looked a great deal like your baby, but a bit, er, fatter. He was a "mix" as all my pets are, but remarkably similar.

Jun 13, 2010 Response to VG's comment
by: Michael

Thanks VG for your useful comment. I visited A1 Savannahs recently in Oklahoma. They are arguably the world's best breeders and certainly the best breeders of Savannah cats.

Not infrequently, they receive requests from people to buy kittens as pets as opposed to kittens that will be used as breeding cats. But these buyers try and buy the cheaper "pet" Savannahs as breeders. They try and get A1 Savannahs to sell before the cat is neutered by promising that they will neuter the cat themselves. A1 Savannahs never agree this.

They also get 10% of calls from "doggy" people who are clearly the kind of people that VG has referred to in her comment.

Conclusion: there are backyard breeders who act irresponsibly in every way but they turn out purebred cats. These cats could be one source of these purebred cats that have no history or pedigree as VG has said.

Just a thought. I am not saying that I am correct. Just thinking aloud.

Michael Avatar

Jun 12, 2010 Hi Melissa!
by: Valley Girl

You said before that you lived in the "deep south" (moth balls) but I don't know how close you are to GA or how rurally you are located.

But, what Michael said makes a lot of sense.

I drove hours up to a No. Georgia shelter to check out a "Maine coon" advertised on petfinder.com, as a companion to Tootsie. I didn't end up adopting the cat, for complex reasons that are not relevant here.

What I learned, however, and shelter was in very rural area, that the area is rife with "back yard beeders" for both cat and dogs. So said the person who ran the shelter. According to her, many of the animals they deal with have likely been "dumped" by such "breeders" when they couldn't afford to have too many cats or dogs.

Apparently most of the cats and dogs they rescue have very very distinct resemblances to known breeds. And, looking around the cats they had at the shelter, I would agree.

I have no idea how these "back yard breeders" get the purebred animals they use for breeding, but that in itself is an interesting topic.

I don't know where you are in SC, or how far you are from the GA border. But, in addition to Michael's great eye for cats and cat breeds, I wanted to add this about what I learned in No GA, maybe not so far from where you may be located. So, call this a second "data point" to back up the possibility of what Michael said about the kitty.

Course, you'll never know. But, that is one gorgeous kitty!

Jun 12, 2010 Stunning Cloud
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Melissa. Cloud looks absolutely stunning with those blue eyes in his orange mask.
Since he was a stray without any papers, you were quite right in listing him as a domestic short hair, but I agree with everybody else that he has the looks of a traditional flame point Siamese.
The fact that he is so very vocal also points in that direction, but of course it can't be said whether he has a spoonful or the whole bucket of Siamese in him.
He is clearly a bright and social cat and now that he has been fixed, homelife will be his main interest. He won't risk having his ears torn from fights anymore, but with less activity you'll probably have to keep an eye on his weight.
Lucky you finding this great cat. 😉

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Jun 11, 2010 Cloud's behavior
by: Melissa

He's quite vocal. When we walk into a room, or walk by him, he usually makes a type of chirping/purring meow to let us know where he is/say hi/etc. He'll meow when he wants out to go to the bathroom, and he meows when he's hungry (sometimes I think he meows just to meow, heh). He also likes to be around somebody, whether it's me or another family member, and will sit or lay down nearby. And if a stray hand is within reach of his head, he likes to head butt it until he gets scratched and rubbed between the ears. I have also noticed that he is starting to stay closer to home after being neutered a few weeks ago, but still likes to go outside for his daily romps.

Jun 11, 2010 Claude looks at least part Siamese to me
by: 0colet

With those markings, and the nature of his fur, i would say that the lovely Claude looks at least part Siamese. He looks relaxed and affectionate here - does he exhibit any of the identifiable Siamese behaviours?

Jun 11, 2010 Beautiful!
by: Tracey

I don't know what breeds made him the handsome boy he is today but he sure is handsome!

He looks very happy and relaxed which is lovely to see.

Jun 11, 2010 This looks like my Casper
by: Anonymous

I have a male cat that looks just like this one. He came from 2 gray and black striped tabby cats (if memory serves--its been 12 years). The mom was small and the dad was very tall and rather large. I never thought of him having any Siamese in him, but always thought he was a gorgeous WHITE and ORANGE Garfield type tabby cat. He is a large cat with a saggy belly and is very affectionate. He misses Spooky, which I featured here as well, but that too is getting easier for both of us. This is just amazing, though, because I have never seen a cat like Casper before now! Cloud & Casper are twins!! 🙂

Jun 11, 2010 Just beautiful!
by: Betty (UK)

I know very little about cats but I know one thing - Cloud is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen!

Jun 11, 2010 Cloud
by: Maggie Sharp

Firstly, your Cloud is a very beautiful little boy!

I've seen many people who have had flame points in litters, but they can in fact simply be domestic short hairs with flame point as their colouring. It's a beautiful colour which can be hard to come by, but it is found in domestic litters...

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