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What Can I Do If My Cat Is Stolen? — 17 Comments

  1. It must be a nightmare to have a cat stolen, thankfully most cats are wary of strangers but I find it sad that they have to be, to keep safe.

    • Yes, totally and I don’t want to imagine it. I’ve had some success tracking down some stolen cats, and even more stolen dogs. But, it is really a challenge and tricky even when you locate them.

      • I do not know how common it is in the UK but there were reports, some time ago, of people stealing cats and dogs and then treating them as a ransom for money. That was a deliberate attempt to play on people’s emotions. These criminals know that people are emotionally attached to their cat or dog and therefore are likely to pay up. It is a horribly immoral and nasty crime.

  2. Thank you, Tim for this excellent advice. The only time I have been involved in a stolen cat was when one of my mother’s cats was stolen, or that was what we thought happened. My mother liked to have purebred cats as companions and she favoured Siamese and Burmese cats.

    As I remember it, it was one of the Siamese cats that was lost, presumed stolen. She also lost a cat through poisoning which was deliberate poisoning in my opinion.

    She became so anxious about losing cats that she built an enclosure for them on my advice which reduced her anxiety.

    She lived alone in pleasant detached house in a town just north of London with quite a nice garden in a nice area. Perhaps she was targeted by criminals and there is always somebody around who does not like cats.

    • Thanks! Yes, when clients contact me and state their cat (or dog) has been stolen, I always investigate further and gather more information. Sometimes, they were simply taken in by someone else and they don’t know or don’t bother pursuing who the animal belongs to.

      I like your mom’s enclosure arrangement. I’ve recommended this to many clients. It does help keep them safe and allows the cats to be outside.

      • I have always felt that the best compromise solution which allows a cat to enjoy nature while being safe from road traffic and other hazards such as predators is a good sized enclosure. It is a compromise but it is an effective compromise. A good sized enclosure should also protect a cat from theft. There are many advantages but few people invest in one. A lot of people tend to hate the idea of an enclosure possibly because it spoils the way their garden looks, which, to me, indicates misplaced priorities.

  3. yea same its very disheartening having your beloved animal stolen. It hasnt happened to me, but i think a kitten i had in christchurch i was sure she was taken.

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