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What can the cat’s third eyelid tell us? — 8 Comments

  1. My 9 month old cat just started with Haw Syndrome. She is very active, playful and eats without problems. She doesn’t seem to have any health set backs or issues. I found her at 6 weeks old
    She had 1st set of vaccinations, and got her fixed at 7 months old.
    Should I take her to a vet, even though she seems very normal, except for this 3rd eye thing?

    • Hello Ruth. Thank you for visiting and commenting. This condition is quite common. It is a temporary protrusion of the third eyelid and is a temporary condition. The cause is uncertain apparently. It affects otherwise healthy cats under the age of two. Sometimes it is preceded by a gastrointestinal illness. The protrusion clears up within a few months without treatment. During those two months if the film interferes with your cat’s vision a veterinarian could prescribe an eye drop solution which you might ask your vet about. This will reduce the size of the protrusion. This information comes from a highly regarded veterinary book. I hope it helps and good luck.

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  3. I didnt even know cats had a third eye so ive learned something. I guess thats why they have there eye half open sometimes.

  4. I rarely see this on my cats unless they are falling asleep or just waking up. It can look pretty strange. Quite clever really that they have to eyelids. Cats are just amazing aren’t they.

    Gigi is getting more and more playful these days. It’s getting better. I found her a toy mouse which she loves. She is very picky about playing and toys. She just doesn’t go for alot fo stuff, but the right kind of mouse toy and she goes nuts and even get out of breath playing with it. She is doing well and I am proud of her. 🙂

    • Marc, I’m so pleased for you about Gigi, you seemed really worried about her for a while so this is wonderful news 🙂

      • Yea its wonderful news that you can help her out of her depression. Its like that instinct of knowing something was wrong and trying to find whats happening n Fixing it

    • Thats so great shes getting enjoyment out of that Mouse. You must be so proud of her as i know you will be. Its great to see shes enjoying things alot more. 🙂

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