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  2. This is our Fluffy he was a stray with an extremely bad temper, sores and a very matted smelly coat he followed our female home and eventually after about a year advertising and searching for his owner we decided to neuter him and keep him he is now the cleanest mild manered cat you will come across and his coat is beautiful our vet thinks he is probably a persian/ British long hair cross but no matter what breed he is he is our perfect cat would just like to know what he is as I would definately have another.

    • Amanda, he has all the hallmarks of a Maine Coon cat. He has a square and pronounced muzzle and a wonderful ruff. The ears should be lynx-tipped but I can’t see them in the photograph. I think he looks wonderful. He’s a classy looking cat. However, he might not be a purebred cat at all. He could be a random bred cat and most likely is but he does have a certain presence and an appearance which is very much in line with the appearance of the Maine Coon cat breed. This cat breed is the most popular in America and rightly so.

      He definitely is not what the vet said, sorry. His appearence in miles from a Persian or Brit Longhair. Thanks for showing me. You have a beautiful cat companion.

  3. Here’s a photo
    She’s currently in the hospital i will try to upload a better image of her, she looks exactly like the OP’s image but shes a female.

  4. hi if some one figure out which one is it because i have a cat that really looks exactly like yours and i want to find out as she is currently 16 years old and has kidney failure.
    she is very intelligent cat and i would really like to know which breed is that.


    • Hi Fukutu. Thanks for commenting. Would you mind, please either uploading a photo to a new comment but make sure it is a small photo or email me the photo (mjbmeister@gmail.com)? You probably have a blue (grey) random bred cat with medium long hair and which resembles a traditional Persian if you cat looks like the one in the article. Your cat is beautiful I suspect.

  5. this is anna at 3 months… her dad is a full siberian and her mom is a grey stray. I think it looks similar to ur cat. Cheers, Vero

    • Hi Susan, this is cleaned up version of your photo:

      grey cat possibly Korat on counter

      You mention a Russian Blue/Ragdoll mix. I have never heard of that and I don’t think it is correct. Ragdolls are pointed and carry the piebald gene sometimes so you get white spotting. You cat looks like a Korat to me – a grey Thai cat. One of the grey cat breeds.

      However, all cats who are formally part of a cat breed have a recorded history with a cat association (registered) so without that we are both guessing and you can’t claim your cat is definitely a breed of cat. Sorry but you still have a beautiful cat. Of course not being registered does not necessarily mean that a cat in not purebred.

      If you think he is purebred then as he is pure grey (blue in cat fancy language) he should be one of the grey cat breeds. The best fit on appearance of these is the Korat but this a rare (or at least fairly rare) cat breed.

      Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  6. I have some cats that are identical looking to yours…..I have been wanting to know what they are for so long. I ran across something that crossed Russian Blue/Rag doll…so I Googled the image and they look like a lot of examples shown.

  7. It is a grey Turkish Angora. I have one that’s very well trained. They are intelligent and playful and will their owners. They don’t require much attention. Massaging a few minutes a day on head and behind ears will give them euphoria 🙂

    • I am afraid that we can’t say which cat breed this cat belongs to. This is because you can’t tell by appearance only and any case this cat looks more like a British Longhair.

  8. Hes a beautiful cat, iv got a kitten here, like trying to figure out what he is, i was told hes a britis long haired Persian, but doesn’t have a face like a Persian he really dose resemble your cat apart from mine is all black. So maybe he is what i saw told a british long haired Persian. Love Kat.

  9. I have a 10 year old cat that looks exactly like yours….same big round eyes and beautiful long hair. I got my cat “Leo” at a local shelter in Southern California when he was 8 weeks old. He and his litter mate had been found outdoors, obvious strays. My vet is sure that he isn’t a purebred but he probably has some Himalayan or Siberian along with Persian. Whatever bred he is a beautiful cat with the personality of a dog.

  10. Ran accross old post but looking at the replies they are all wrong & had to reply. Your cat is a Nebelung. I have one, he’s beautiful & smart as is yours. This bread is basically a long hair Blue Russian but the face is very distict especially in photos. Considered fairly hard to find. I hope this helps…

  11. This is not a Maine coon I can tell you that for sure. My previous cat was a Maine coon and I am very familiar with the breed as a whole. Anyway my current cat is almost identical to yours and he is majorly eiher ragdoll or (more likely) ragamuffin. We were told that his other half is simease but I think that’s a load because he doesn’t have points (which he would if he was indeed ragdoll & simease). I hope this helps.

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