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What cat breed will feature in the new James Bond movie: SPECTRE? — 4 Comments

  1. Blofeld’s cat was a lovely Chinchilla Persian. (The other colours, including solid white don’t have green eyes or the trademark eye/nose liner.) They were my favourite of all the Traditional Persians.

    Though Blofeld was played by four different actors, they always had a Chinchilla, so I’ve a horrible feeling that the film makers will continue that tradition. If they do decide to go for another breed then it’s going to be a rare and expensive one. Bombay would be a good choice for the reasons noted by Michael. Though I’m not a fan of them, I could also see a Sphynx in that role.

  2. Michael, i would prefer a jet black Traditional Persian cat to play the villains pet mole.I presume that the traditional Persian cat also became a popular pet because of the James Bond movie franchise and later in the cult Kungfu movie “Enter the dragon”.

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