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What cat breeds like dogs? — 4 Comments

  1. Not only can breed be secondary to socialization, so can species. I have seen lots of examples online of cross-species “friendships” of all kinds, where socialization and circumstance are the only factors responsible.

  2. There has to be tens of thousands of variables that factor into the relationships between cats and dogs. Both nurture and nature.

  3. Yeah the first thing I thought was also that it depends more upon the dog. A dachshund, I thought, wasn’t what I would call cat friendly by nature, but is a ratter and high strung. I should double-check myself but I’m pretty sure. And I’ll never forget this photo of a row of police or military German Shepherd dogs sitting obediently as a cat was released to stroll in front of them… probably a training exercise. The caption is one of many.

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