What Cat Topic Makes YOU Angry?

So, what cat topic makes YOU angry? As I make my way in the internet world, I find different topics set people off. Cat people are often portrayed as one step away from being insane, or docile beyond belief. Neither stereotype covers the broad range of emotions a cat lover must face in the real world. We are a planet filled with both love and hate toward felines. Today I’d like to tell the readers what makes me most angry, and I hope you’ll comment at the end and do the same.

What cat topic makes you angry
Image by Elisa. The cat is a young Furby.
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First of all, it may come as a surprise to many of you that I need anger to be a writer. The wheels inside my head won’t turn when I’m in a calm state of mind. I have mild PTSD, which can be controlled with medication. But the medication takes away my ability to write. Two doses, and I’m out of commission for a week. So I deal with my condition, and write. Sometimes for hours and hours, depending on what’s needed for the day. The angrier I become when reading about cat injustice, the better my writing.

I’d have to say animal shelters are what set me off most often. I used to follow the Manhattan and Brooklyn area shelters, but I can’t even ‘visit’ those Facebook pages anymore. Those shelters used to kill cats, knowing a rescue plan was in the works. Notice I use the word ‘kill’ instead of ‘euthanasia.’ I feel when shelters end the life of a healthy cat, it’s murder. Shelters make me extremely angry when they kill cats who are too small, too young, mildly ill, too old, too much trouble or because the cat has been at the shelter for too long. I go into a rage when I learn cats are killed when the shelter still had room to keep them.

Animal shelters also rouse my temper when they lie, usually about one or more of the reasons I’ve already listed. I tend to explode when I don’t know whether I’m told the truth. Did the cat get vaccinated on intake? Was that sick cat killed because he truly was sick, or because no on wanted to take the time to give him a dose of antibiotics twice a day. And my favorite – WHY didn’t the shelter warn those in rescue an animal had been housed in a room full of panleuk or parvo. I have a friend in rescue right now who’s dealing with a surprise parvo pup.

I believe anger is healthy, to a certain extent, in helping cats. If nothing upset us, change would never come. Kill shelters wouldn’t go no-kill because no one would care. The number of cats being declawed would rise because no one would be mad enough to stand up and tell cat owners the physical and emotion damage declawing may do to their cat. I could go on and on. I can tell you one thing that may make you angry, but I consider entertainment. His name is Woody Woodsman. Woody never makes me angry, because he enforces everything I’ve written about people who will harm cats.

Hi Woody! What makes YOU angry, Woody? This wee little man amuses me. I love toying with him like a mouse. He spouts such garbage, most of it with absolutely no proof. He’s a troll, but he’s not alone out there. I also deal with a dog topic troll. I like to slap him around as like wounded mouse. I love a good argument with those who spout nonsense. It probably makes Woody angry when he realizes his potty mouth doesn’t affect me.

What cat topic sets you off? Is it declawing, animal testing, shelter vaccination policies, cats being blamed for the destruction of wildlife? Now do you understand why I believe anger is good, when used productively? Emotions are capable of bringing about change, if used productively. Readers, please leave a comment on what cat topic sets you off.


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24 thoughts on “What Cat Topic Makes YOU Angry?”

  1. All of the above mentioned forms of abuse make me see red, at times I want to physically attack the people who so uncaringly hurt cats, I really hate vets who declaw, scientists who torture, sadists who torment and people who wilfully neglect cats (and other animals) sometimes it’s so heart breaking to be alive and care, I don’t want to die for a long time yet but I can imagine the relief when the time comes at not having to care anymore.

  2. The word “ABUSE” just covers everything that enrages me, ie. inflicting pain, abandonment, mutilation (declawing), experimentation, kill shelters.

    It’s no surprise to all that, of the subcategories of abuse, kill shelters are what put my sanity in jeopardy the most just thinking about them. Thousands of animals, who have committed no offense, are killed everyday.
    I refused to let this be ignored and refuse to let people stay ignorant.
    I post and distribute copies of this everywhere I go over and over and over again.


    1. I feel the same way. I will never change. It saddens me that people in general fail the companion animal. It is down to us to make our relationship with cats and dogs work.

  3. Any kind of abuse to cats hurts me to the core, but at the top of the list is declawing. The whole subject makes no sense at all. Seemingly educated people who don’t even think about the consequences to the cat or for that matter, don’t even consider the fact that the cat needs her claws. I don’t get it, and it is by far the worst abuse. The fact that trained vets do the operation all over the US is mind boggling.

    Like Kylee, I do avoid reading detail versions of stupid people abusing. It isn’t worth the pain and anguish.

    Kylee, it is okay to not look at the ugliness. Go pet your lucky cats and feel feel gentle caring they receive from you. Sometimes it is the best we can do.

      1. No, I am the same as millions of Americans who would never even consider such barbaric behavior. The many who are baffled that it is still legal.

        1. It seems there is a conflict within American society that is quite fundamental. On one side people who “see the light” namely that declawing is wrong and on the other those that at least accept it. Perhaps some Americans compromise their beliefs: they know it is wrong but do it anyway because it suits them, while others genuinely see it as OK.

          I know there are millions of Americans who don’t like declawing. Why are they so silent? Why don’t these millions lobby their politicians, their senator? Takes one letter: about 3o mins work.

          1. My letter would go un-read. But my support for animal protection groups, probably packs the biggest punch. They have the power and the loud voice.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Any abuse of cats makes me angry, in fact it makes me so livid that I could kill the abuser!
    But most of all the declawing of cats makes my head almost burst with rage and this is why…the abusers are the very people who trained to care for animals!
    You can’t get much lower than that, swearing to cause no animal to suffer then going on to do just that to innocent cats!

    1. I am the same as you, Ruth. Any abuse of any animal but particularly the domestic cat makes me very angry. And I include in that animal testing for research purposes. I also include in that legalised forms of animal abuse such as the badger cull. You name it. Sometimes animal abuse is legitimised and legalised through the state but as far as I am concerned it does not make it any less about animal abuse.

  5. People who abuse cats – microwaving, kicking, leaving them hurt on the street, or in other ways intentionally causing them harm. Nothing worse than abusing the defenseless for personal pleasure. Surely I’m not alone on this!

    1. Yes its the worst kind possible. Any abuse of any animal is morally & emotionaly wrong. Cause it just leads to worse kind, as its not far a step to a human. It breaks my heart that anyone would abuse, hurt, any animal that have done no harm apart from just wanting to give unconditional love.

      1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        That’s the one I was thinking of too– people abusing animals for no reason. At least with declawing there’s a reason– greed of the vets getting paid to do it and a silly fear of cats’ claws on the part of the clients– but to just hurt an animal that trusts you. I don’t understand it. It solves no problem, such as animal testing done to try to cure a disease (usually this is useless since animals aren’t humans) but at least some would claim some good comes of it. What good comes of torturing an animal for sport? How can people enjoy that sort of thing? It just breaks my heart to think of it. The one where the woman microwaved her cat is the worst. I am sorry I read that story because I will never get it out of my mind now.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Because we need to know! I admire PoC for telling the truth, maybe someone who doesn’t know this goes on will read it and join those of us who DO know.
        Ignoring abuse doesn’t make it go away, we have to fight it!

      2. I agree it is good to post positive stories and I consistently try and do it. Sometimes you have to report bad stuff because that is the nature of the world and anything that’s newsworthy is normally bad news. You only have to read the newspapers to see that.

        If I could, I would only post positive, warm stories about the domestic cat and its role in this world but as Ruth says if you want to report the truth as we do here then one has to take the good with the bad. I hope you can accept that.

    1. Michael & rest of Poc Family, words can not explain my total anger and disgust especially about the kittens.:( Poor innocent Victims, with feelings and hearts. Something needs to be done seriously!!!!

      This is totally animal abuse of the worse kind, can’t they test on some unworthwhile person like in Jail or something. Like someone thats actually done some cruelty or evil or something.

      Its like here in New Zealand ,we have successfully Stopped Legal High Testing on animals, and they banned that stuff as well. My ex has Just come off the withdrawals of that stuff hasn’t been pretty. They wanted to test them on Rabbits and dogs, which is just so wrong. In the end it was stopped. Thank Goodness for that. Though they say it won’t be tested in New Zealand, but maybe in India or China. I just find it so hard to believe, worldwide that so much animal abuse is happening, everything from the wildlife animals like tigers, lions, etc to domestic animals.

      Its such a sad life we are living in. Since reading this and that article its made me more stronger than ever to protect all animals but esp Cats. Something needs to be done to stop this Cruelty Seriously.

      1. Personally I’m so mad about this animal testing on kittens and cats in London that I would like to crack open the skulls of the scientists who did it and insert a probe into their brains to try and find out what the hell they’re thinking when they do this to innocent vulnerable companion animals.

        1. I often don’t write a long comment as i did, but it cut to my raw emotions. Yea it just the worse kind, worse still so close to home in England. Thing that disappointed me than anything is these people are scientists, people you would think be in a high standard of trust well do for me. People high up the income ladder/professionals. Its just wrong totally wrong.

        2. All animal testing upsets me. When my sister was in training in Oregon to be a respiratory technician. As part of their learning students had to intubate tiny kittens for practice, in case they ever had to intubate a newborn baby. My sister absolutely refused to do this.I am not sure but I think she ended up with a lower grade because of it.

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