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  2. The chemical aspect is chilling. We have very old wool carpets, all armchairs and sofas are covered in washable throws. I don’t doubt that, in ths home, we are all full to the brim with these toxic substances.

    Once had a female cat who developed the skin rolling symptom. It was not severe but was noticeable. There was no fur pulling.

    She was diagnosed with diabetes soon after…

    Unavoidably, noisy builders had been in the house for a few weeks prior to these issues and she had had a nasty bout of stress related UTI during that time. It was successfully treated, but it took persistent treatment.

    After this, she became constantly hungry, thirsty and dropped a lot of weight in less than ten days. She started walking with her hocks low down too

    The vet suggested that the skin rolling might have developed due to the onset of a slight diabetes related neuropathy, possibly in the bladder.

    On a low carb diet plus a course of glipizide, the diabetes resolved within a few months. She was on meloxicam for less than a month and the skin rolling stopped, pretty quickly.

    The overall verdict was that all 3 issues were caused by environmental stress. Maybe some of that stress was chemical in origin?

    The glipizide caused her to put on a lot of weight too.

    • Hey, thanks Jane for your useful input. I just had put my thoughts down on this one because almost no one discusses these damn chemicals which are so poisonous.

      • Most welcome Michael.

        It is beyond depressing when one thinks about the dreadful legacy left by the advancement of chemistry & the pursuit of profit.

        C-8 or GEN-X anyone? If I start typing about that, I will break the internet.

        Apropos of me never shutting up…

        Today it was reported that infant Eels in the River Thames show signs of hyper-agitation as they are full of cocaine. Yep, in the UK we do so much of the stuff that our pee is even messing up poor little Elvers ๐Ÿ™

        There are just too many humans and our brains got too big, too quickly. Evolution has awful anomalies sometimes, but mostly those mistakes are self limiting, paws crossed.

  3. I’m glad I only have hardwoods and tiles. I have a few area rugs but know what they are made of thank the gods. This is a complex thing for sure. It seems everything in our air and around us is tainted in some way. Sigh…

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