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What color eyes do Burmese cats have?

What color eyes do Burmese cats have?

Web surfers want to know what color eyes the Burmese cat has and the answer is to be found in the CFA breed standard.

There is a section on ‘Burmese Colors’. There are four color types for their coat: sable, champagne, blue and platinum.

In each case the eye color:

‘ranges from gold to yellow, the greater the depth and brilliance the better’.

Some surfers ask if Burmese cats have blue eyes. The answer is a positive, No. In fact, a Burmese show cat would be disqualified if he/she had blue eyes. They are very much outlawed.

The eyes should be ‘large, set far apart, with rounded aperture’. The reference to ’rounded aperture is strange as all domestic cats have slits for apertures if the breed standard is also referring to the cat’s iris. Tigers for instance have rounded apertures (irises).

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