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What do cats dream about? — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t remember where, or even when, I read this. I’ve had nothing much to do but read since my poor health-enforced my retirement in 1985. But I read that an experiment was conducted on a number of cats, apparently all at the same time, and it disabled, I forget how, or whether temporarily or permanently, the thing in their brains which immobilizes them (as well as all mammals) and prevents them from acting out their dreams. All of the cats, when they entered REM or dreaming sleep, began to stalk invisible,to the experimenters at least, mice. I disapprove of any research that would cause suffering or permanently disable an animal in any way, and I don’t remember being offended about the experiment. So either the effect was temporary or my memory is faulty on the point. So the implication is that the cats dreams were having them practice their hunting skills.

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