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  1. Yes good pics but I agree with Ruth we can never see what cats see.I just hope scientists don’t ever do some horrible experiments in their quest for knowing more.

  2. This is one of the wonderful mysteries of cats because a person can never see what a cat sees, only a cat can do that.
    Yes we have scientific evidence from the study of cats eyes and brains but no human can ever actually look out through the eyes of a real live cat.

  3. I dont find cats to have poor short vision and good long. I find both to be pretty average. I used to make signs at Red when he was 20 meters away and he could see about as clearly as I could from that distance. Night time or dark is a totally different thing. Perhaps at a short distance they can see insects etc more clearly than we but Ithink its more about the eye being able to track things better.

    With regard to night time – it’s like a manual camera with the iris/aperture setting wider. It lets in more light but has less depth of field. In that respect I think they can see rather alot at night and alot of those night time hunting eye skills are based on tracking movement since they can see alot but dont have much depth of field – less than they do in the day. Their iris is huge when fully dilated, much bigger than mine I would have thought, so obviously they are able to pick up more light at night.

    With regard to colour that’s a whole different thing which may well have little to do with anything practical other than it further diminishes depth of field by virtue of have a field of vision divided by less colours. This may however simplify the field of vision and make movement easier to track with in a field of less colour. Just a thought!

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