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What Do I Check When Buying a Pedigree Cat? — 4 Comments

  1. Most states have laws about returning an unhealthy pet purchased from a pet store ( please don’t do that) or a breeder.
    Breeders once they are sure you are truly interested should welcome you into their home and be willing to give you a tour of their in home cattery.
    If you have played your cards wisely you will be able to observe if all the cats are in the home being raised with humans or if there are extensive cages outside or even other animals being bred. ( you have just walked into a kitten factory and or puppy mill if there are )
    Remember a dedicated breeder is using genetically sound and tested breeding stock and while they may have several queens they are not mass producing litters. They breed for demand not in anticipation of it.
    Part of the price you pay for that purebred kitten is it’s known health history and that it has been raised in a home with humans and is fully accustomed to human interaction. No real breeder will let you take a kitten under 12 weeks of age.

  2. Great article. Here’s another thought: check with shelters also as many pedigree pets end up there also. Some may even have papers.

    • Yes, nice one Cat’s Meow. You can find pedigree cats at shelters which has always surprised me. I’ll add a sentence to the article.

      • Shelters are full of purebred animals. It’s what happens when you shop for an accessory rather than a companion that suits your needs.

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