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What Do You Do if Your Cat Ingests Poisons? — 9 Comments

  1. If people bring in houseplants, I always suggest that they do research to make sure that they are not toxic to pets. Unfortunately, many cats ingest poisonous plants as their pet parents unknowingly have them available.

    • Thank you Dr. for commenting. I think that you are the first veterinarian who has give an indication as to how commonplace it is for a cat to ingest a poisonous plant inside the home or I presume in the garden. It seems to be a bit of a problem at the least. Personally I do not have houseplants!

  2. Very interesting article and appreciate you providing such helpful information Tim. Many pet owners aren’t intentionally naive about plants and products that can be poisonous, or fatal to them, especially commonly used items such as laundry detergent or bathroom cleaners, but just not well informed.

  3. Very, very informative article, Tim.
    There are so many household products, in particular, that require my constant attention.
    Every morning I have to sweep and mop my kitchen floor, and I use a mix of Mr Clean disinfectant and bleach in my bucket. It never fails that a cat will come sniffing around and look like they’re going to take a lap of it. I have to keep that mix right next to me as I move around and not take my eyes off of it.
    I think that the most plant danger where I live is the Hibiscus. They’re very toxic to cats.
    What’s hardest for me is when a cat will eat my food. I made apple crisp yesterday, scooped a little for myself, and set it at the computer. I went to get something and the crisp was gone when I came back. So, then, I had to go through all of the ingredients I used – apples, flour, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and determine if there was anything harmful, not to mention that I didn’t know WHO ate it. I wasn’t positive about the cinnamon, so I checked that out. It was only a pinch, so no harm done. If there had been a real problem, I guess I would have had to start breath sniffing to figure out who ate it.

    • Thanks! Yes, there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to things that can harm our cats. They get so curious about everything and can climb to all lengths. You can’t just place things on a counter and get away with it. Of course, apple crisp sounds yummy so, I can’t blame your baby 🙂

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