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What do you do when your cat brings in a live mouse? — 4 Comments

  1. Michael,
    Reading this article made me relive many similar scenes at our house. We had mice getting in our basement until Jeff found and sealed the hole where they were getting in. Monty would bring them up and usually deposit them in the hallway outside our bedroom. Usually they were dead.

    If the mouse is not dead and gets away from him he usually cannot retrieve it. One of those mice my husband did get, but another was lost in our front room. Monty eventually got it several days later. It was in his mouth when I picked him up! Ugh!

    Usually Monty will not eat the mouse, he just licks it. Nothing like waking up to find a soggy dead mouse. But I am glad he was getting them because the traps we set remained empty. It was Monty who made our house mouse free and keeps it that way. I can’t imagine living without a cat who is a good mouser, especially when the weather gets cold and the mice start trying to get in.

    • H Ruth. The trouble with my boy is that he brings them in live most often and I have the emotional struggle as to whether I save the mouse etc.. and then actually saving the mouse which is tricky. And all at 4 am.

  2. Of course he growls, you are a prey thief, a common mouse stealer, a miscreant.

    Generally, we let our mighty hunter get on with it. Experience (& a wildlife vet) have taught us that not many mice, rescued from feline jaws & paws, or clumsily caught by we humans, survive the shock for long.

    Sometimes, said hunter brings in a very live mouse & drops it at our feet. A large plastic bowl dropped over the mouse and manoeuvring some card under the bowl facilitates a less hands on rescue. Covering the bowl with a dark cloth can, in theory, reduce the mousie stress levels. We have also learned to take the mouse far beyond our enclosed garden, or it will get caught again.

    Our behaviour in favour of the mouse life, always disappoints mighty hunter. To him we are dense, lumbering apes with a pathetic deficit for learning.

    Last evening he brought in a live, seemingly unharmed frog, which was returned to its water garden home.

    Mighty hunter was disgusted.

    Rightly so.

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