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What do you do with your cat on the day you are moving home? — 26 Comments

  1. If you’re moving house making sure your cat is safe is common sense not rocket science that of course doesn’t apply if you don’t care about the cat which appears to be the case here, it seems as though the cat was her last consideration roaming free becoming stressed with all the activity the callous horrible woman!! Its a wonder that poor cat survived and then after all he had been through she shipped him back!! You just wouldn’t do that if you loved your cat!

    • I hate to agree because the woman may read this but it has to be true. The cat must have been free to roam on the day the boxes were packed and sealed which is negligent behavior on behalf of the owner.

      • Definitely Michael and I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this on here as I didn’t have time to read all the comments but…..and its a big but…..why did it take 36 days and for the cat to meow for anyone to wonder what the heck happened to the cat!!! This spells out loud and clear that she didn’t give a shit because a. she didn’t check (or ask someone to check) that the cat was ok upon the trucks leaving AND b. she didn’t call back to enquire about the cats welfare in 36 days!!! Just how cruel can you be!! That isn’t love is sounds more like she was just glad to be on her way and stuff the cat!! Well I hope where he is know he is loved and happy……

  2. Hi everyone as I’ve had to move recently I can say how I did it with my 3 Cats. I Put 2 of my Cats that I known would Bolt Smokey, Rebel. As I had previously last week got the Boxes out they already knew something was going on. I reassured them all and gave them Patts. I made sure that no-one went into that Room. Was my Ex Room as I was the only One living at this point. I was able to Catch Jasmine at the Last bit as i know she would be easy another to deal with. When it came time to take them. Had arranged another Cat Cage So gently put Two Cats in the their own Cage. As I stayed at the old place for most of the time getting things cleaned up and Vaccumed the hardest part for me was when everyone had left. When Moved them all to New House which was a little harder. Put them all in the Lounge, they werent happy at all. Rebel Lost his Voice and Growed at Jasmine. Put some food and water and cat box down. It took at least till the end of the day and they then ventured out in their new surroundings. Smokey took the Longest. I remember when I went out for some Lunch. Smokey and Jasmine stood on the Window still with the Most Angrily Look and they looked Frightened. So when I cam back home I gave them lots of cuddles and Love. It was a Very hard Move for me, I was Very Exhausted at the End. Worse for me there were some things that hadn’t been done in the House the Oven was Filthy and really disgusting. THankfully mum was able to clean it. It’s still not great but one thing at least now Cats are settled and they go In and Out the Door. I think they actually feel loads more happier. Than they were before personally. Was just sad I couldnt take Ozzie & Tiger. 🙁

      • Well unfortunately because I was seperated from my Ex Partner I couldn’t really take all five, as I was renting a place. The other two Boys Get on alot better with Rob whos a Cat person as well he gives them lots of love and attention and I know they will be looked after. I will still see them, but im having withdrawal symptoms already. I know its just really hard having to Split the family up but as we both live in the Same town will still get to see them. The others here are fine now I never want to have to do this ever again its really painful for all concerned.

          • Yea it was sad. 🙁 Hopefully will get to see them soon. Change is always hard no matter what happens. Ozzie gets on very well with Rob as does Tiger does I think they will be ok, but I always keep in contact to make sure they are ok.

  3. Total chaos apparently, it’s lucky that the cat survived, seems like Ashley never gave the cat a thought on moving day, in her mind she had already abandoned the cat. Poor Mee Moowe was put through an awful lot of trauma through neglect, I hope she had a home to go to when she was shipped back like an unwanted delivery.

    • Agreed, B.
      This woman appears to have already thrown out the cat with the wash water even before the movers came to pack.
      Since I’m not reading that she had a secure plan for the cat, I can only assume that she intended to just move and leave her. Not at all uncommon in my world.

      • I agree that it doesn’t sound like a plan had been put in place for Mee Moowe being re-homed. If they had been, surely the cat would have already moved in with their new owner before moving day? Many people do take their pets from mainland US to Hawaii, but of course that means complying with strict rabies regulations and spending money. Something Mee Moowe’s owner chose not to do. People always find money to ship their household items, but too many baulk at the cost of their pet’s travel and importation requirements when moving overseas.

        Ruth’s poster says it all – keep your cats away from the upheaval until you’re ready to leave. Then you simply put them in their carriers so they can travel with you.

  4. It only takes a bit of common sense to keep cats safe when moving.
    Ashley obviously didn’t love her cat as she should if she was moving to somewhere unsuitable to take her. There is only one person she should be furious at and that is herself!

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