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What do you see in this picture of a taped up, covered litter tray?

What do you think when you see this photograph of what appears to be a covered cat litter tray with the door to it taped shut so that it does not work? As you can see, the container is on a snowy bank near a ditch. It was found by an employee of Norfolk County, USA, who was checking for fallen and broken branches. The person was in a relatively remote place and it is by pure chance that he happened to stumble upon this container.

Taped up covered litter tray by side of road in ditch. What do you see?

He discovered that two cats were inside. They are now with the Simcoe and District Humane Society. Cathie Hosken of the society said:

“This is a death sentence to these cats if nobody had found them, and if we had had more snow, or the freezing rain that came last night, what would have happened to them?”

Cats trapped inside a taped up covered litter tray by side of road looking very anxious. Screenshot from Humane Soc. video.

The cats have been named by the society, Frosty and Snowcone. It is not known how the cats ended up on the side of a ditch in a place where they would not be found. At the beginning of this article I asked the question what you thought you were looking at when you saw the picture of this container. I suspect that a good percentage of you who are in tune with the world of cats would have guessed that this is a case of cat abandonment. If that is true, and it is almost certain that it is, then it is heartless animal cruelty. But for their good fortune in being found by a Norfolk County employee they would have almost certainly died a painful death of exposure, starvation and thirst.

Cat rescued from almost certain death. In the care of the Simcoe and District Humane Society. This is a screenshot from their video.

A thousand people have said it a million times: if you want to relinquish your cat take him or her to a cat rescue facility and own up to it and do the right thing. Don’t secretly and surreptitiously drive out to a remote spot as it appears that this person did. As the lady in the video said, “it’s just not right”. It’s worse than that, it’s a crime and it is terribly cruel.


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