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What does a Bengal cat look like?

People thinking of adopting a Bengal cat ask Google, ‘What does a Bengal cat look like?’. There is no better way of finding out than looking at a photograph of this popular cat breed by the renown, American cat photographer Helmi Flick.

You can find very many wonderful examples of Bengal cats at American Bengal cat breeders. They ask Helmi to photograph their cats either at a cat show, at Helmi’s studio at home and sometimes perhaps at the home of the breeder as she has a mobile studio set up. I have chosen two cats, a female and a male from Jensayla Bengals in Central Kentucky as two nice examples.

Ferox Kiara

Ferox Kiara. A female Bengal cat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

This beautiful cat on a red box against a red background is Ferox Kiara, described as a brown spotted tabby. She has wonderful donut (doughnut) spots almost like the coat of a clouded leopard. I like the photo because it shows off the active nature of the Bengal and her athleticism. At the time of publishing this post, I understand that she is retired from being a queen (a breeding female cat). You can read and see more about Bengal cats by clicking on this link. The link takes you to many pages on the Bengal cat; please explore the pages.

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honour, a mink Bengal cat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.

The other cat is is Medal of Honour, a mink Bengal cat. He carries the dilute gene so the coat is diluted somewhat. He is very large and muscular. He is a stud (at the time of writing this) and is described by Jensayla Bengals as having a prominent head and a thick short tail. The coat pattern has a nice flow.

The outstanding feature of these super looking Bengal cats is the fabulous appearance of their coats, their physical presence and the impression of dynamic athleticism which comes across in Helmi’s photos. If you want to get a feel for the breed standard of this breed, please click on this link.

Note: I have express permission to publish Helmi’s photos on my website.

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