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  1. Here, it’s not so much what is said with vocalizations as it is what’s said with looks and gestures. Our communications are, mostly, nonverbal by them and me all the time.
    There is a wide range…
    “What is that Mom?
    “I know what that pill bottle means. GOODBYE!”
    “Where did it go?”
    “Share that”
    “Take it away”
    “Pick me up, Dummy”
    “Open the door”
    Vocalizations are usually out of frustration when I’m ignoring demands, not acting fast enough, or haven’t picked up on what’s going on.

  2. Michael, a very amusing, yet, true take on what our “kids” might say to us!! I am always telling mine “I love you”, and sometimes I get a meow or purr in response — sometimes they just head butt me. But I interpret this as an “I love you too” response. Of course, I get the usual ones — feed me, so happy to see you Mom>>especially when I get home from work. I also have one who, thanks to my son (sarcastically spoken), wants to play with *the red dot thing* when you’re in the bathroom. He will head butt and meow at you to get it out to play. It’s rather funny. My son started doing this with him, and now, he thinks whenever ANYONE is on the toilet, it’s time to play *red dot*!! Lovely post. . . ♥♥♥

    • Yes, Diane, I wanted to answer some straightforward and simple questions about what a cat says without getting too complicated and without making it too scientific. It is based upon common sense as you can tell. I hope it helps some people who are new to cat caretaking. I think sometimes we can overcomplicate things and get things wrong but with cat vocalisations some of them are very straightforward and quite obvious.

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