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“What does he think he is doing?” Cat looks disdainfully at a dog.

This sweet dog tries his best to encourage a cat to play with him without success while a big, laid-back fella sitting on his backside looks on with contempt and asks, “What does he think he is doing?”.

What does he think he is doing?

This is the video: ask whether a dog can play with a cat but the answer is obvious because we see it so often on the Internet. Of course dogs can play with cats if they are socialised to them. If they are raised together the dog will not relate to the CAD as a prey animal but as a friend. There are so many cases of what I call interspecies friendships on the Internet.Some really exotic friendshipsEtfw

Note: sometimes video stop working because of reasons beyond my control. If that has happened I am sorry.

The dog (a beagle?) is really cute and desperate to get some play time going but the cat is seriously disinterested. Nothing works not even a gentle peck on the chest. They have been totally socialised one to the other and are relaxed in each other’s company. The dog makes the play-bow move as best he can with his cat friend on a bed. All to no avail. Some people ask whether cats and dogs can play together. They believe that dogs always chase cats but of course it isn’t true because if they are raised together they will be friends. The dog does not regard the cat as a prey animal to be chased. You will see far more exotic friendships on the Internet between species of animal which are so entirely different you wouldn’t have thought a friendship as possible. Anything is possible in terms of friendship between animals if they are raised together and therefore socialised one to the other. In one a cat made friends with a snake! And in another a cat and an owl were best friends. The list of possibilities is almost endless. See a dog playing with his best mate a crow.

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