What does pica eating disorder stand for?

What does pica eating disorder stand for? Answer, it does not stand for anything in this context. It is a word rather than an acronym. Although it is an acronym for a dozen or so organisations such as ‘Prudential Insurance Company of America’.

Pica in cats clipart by @A-Kawaii-Narwal
Pica in cats clipart by @A-Kawaii-Narwal
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The origin of the word confirms that it is not an acronym. It comes from Anglo-Latin ‘pica’ meaning magpie. Magpies are known to be attracted to stealing brightly color items which are of no use to them so you can see the connection with eating substances and items which are non-nurtitional which is what pica is.

Note: research published in 2014 found that the magpie’s reputation for ‘stealing’ bright objects is false. They were actually scared of shiny objects but the perception lives on.

The reason why I have discussed this topic is because domestic cats are known to suffer from pica. We don’t know how prevalent it is but it is not uncommon and according to Jackson Galaxy there is no known cure. The condition can cause serious illness and even death rarely.

Here is an audio file on how pica is pronounced (slowly):


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